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How To Recover From A Past Relationship And Attract The Love Of Your Dreams
by Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies Corporation

Whether emotional chains keep you attached to a past relationship, whether you want to improve a current relationship, or whether you want to attract someone new, there is something more than hope.

You can take specific steps to free your psyche and generate a life of love. You can recreate yourself to be the person you want to be.

Paul R. Scheele, co-founder and chairman of Learning Strategies Corporation, has worked one-on-one with people who have "relationship problems" for over 25 years. His formal education in psychology, biology, and adult learning, coupled with extensive professional training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and preconscious processing, has led Mr. Scheele to state unequivocally:

You can improve the quality of your relationships;
You can heal interpersonal wounds;
You can attract loving, supportive individuals; and
You can enjoy the rapturous love life of your dreams.

"The Secret," he told me as he left our Minneapolis learning center to speak at a conference in London, "lies in how you use your inner mind."

"Your inner mind is infinitely capable of generating a high quality life, if -- and this is the big if -- you give your inner mind purpose, direction, and freedom.

"For example, "Purpose" for a building contractor is to build a dream home for someone to live in. "Direction" is the blueprints. "Freedom" is allowing the builder to do his best work -- without meddling -- by finding the best ways and means to achieve the blueprint specifications."

Paul says you must ardently desire a relationship to the point you will resolve to do whatever is necessary. If not, no lasting changes can occur in your life.

Do you resolve to do whatever is necessary? No Yes

You must give your inner mind clear, unambiguous direction, and you must do this consistently and without fail. If not, your life will be more of the same.

Will you give your mind clear direction and
will you do this consistently? No Yes

You must give your inner mind -- the world's most powerful computer -- freedom to perform with excellence, to accomplish the desired end result, to fulfill your purpose. If not, your life will be more of the same.

Will you give your mind clear direction? No Yes

If you answered "No" to any of the above, you might as well not read this report now, because it will be of no use to you. You are not ready to create a new you.

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above, CONGRATULATIONS, because you stepped forward, further than 97% of the people in the world today. Smile. Acknowledge your bold step. Go ahead and soak up the praise. A whole new life of unconditional love is rushing your way. You are entitled to it. It is now time to prepare for it, otherwise it may pass you by. It is your day. You are the master.

How to recreate yourself into a person of love

Through the guidance of Paul Scheele, we have put together an easy-to-follow, relaxing program. It involves listening to specific audio recordings created by Mr. Scheele called the Paraliminals.

Paraliminals contain no questionable "subliminal" messages. Rather you hear a voice in each ear, soothingly speaking to different parts of your brain. If you have never listened to recordings of this style, you are in for a refreshing treat.

You will not have to listen to the audio sessions every day, but during the first few weeks we recommend that you listen as often as you feel comfortable. Every time you listen you affirm your purpose, you give your inner mind direction, and you free yourself to recreate yourself into the person you want to be.

The rest of this report details how to handle specific goals using specific Paraliminals. Individual itles are shown in Italic.

How to heal wounds of a past relationship

The word "past" means that something is no more. It is no longer in existence. It is not real, except in how you imagine it. Therefore, something that does not exist, should not have a negative influence on you. If it does, you have hooked yourself into the past, and you feed it your life-energy. We suggest that you redirect this energy to create a new you. That hook is keeping you there, and is keeping you from your future that is charging at you right now.

You can give meaning to something in the past if you choose. You do not have to. Play victim no longer. It is healthier to get out of the past, to get ready for the future you want and choose.

The New History Generator Paraliminal is your ticket. Listen to Session A for each unhelpful "emotion" from the past and each

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