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Some people have few problems or blemishes in their lives. Other people have more than their fair share. Whatever the case, problems are something we can all do without! Learning Strategies Corporation has been in business since 1981 working with people to solve their problems and enhance their lives. We know a secret that can help you, and we are willing to share it with you in this letter. Please take a few minutes to read every single word of this letter right now because...

"I was having one of the worst years of my life when I heard a reporter talk about this recording on the radio. My entire life has turned around. I am happier, I have more money, I have a better relationship with my kids, I have a best friend who is a perfect companion for me ...and I owe it all to one remarkable Paraliminal and the support I received from Learning Strategies Corporation." Carol Michel

By Pete Bissonette, President,
Learning Strategies Corporation,
longtime Paraliminal user

You may have heard of Learning Strategies Corporation -- just as millions have through radio, television, and our catalogs -- because we have solutions that have helped many people live a better life...with little effort.

Jean was 50 pounds over weight... Carol had an abusive boss... Rick was in a dead-end job... Tony had no friends... Jennifer was always tired... Mary was negative... George's life was filled with anxieties... Mike wet his bed... Sue was a compulsive nail biter... Dave was mean to his friends... Joe did not sleep well... Martha overate... Tom often bounced checks... Sally's relationship with her husband was falling apart... Greg never smiled... Philip smoked two packs a day... These are all great human beings whose lives had a glitch or two.

But, we had a solution for them.

My colleagues and I know a secret.

No matter what is going on in your life, we know — beyond the shadow of a doubt — that you can change it. If something is not right, you can make it right. You can do it easily.

My business partner, Paul R. Scheele, is a personal achievement expert who has received worldwide acclaim. He is a true genius. One of his stunning accomplishments is a program to teach people to "mentally photograph" the printed page at 25,000 words per minute!!! I have been fortunate to work closely with him for over twenty years. I have seen him work with special techniques that can literally transform a person's life.

The secret is that these techniques involve the "inner mind." Albert Einstein said we use less than 10% of our brain's capacity. The other 90% is our inner mind that has vast potential just waiting for us to tap.

How can you tap into the miracle-rich inner mind?

Paul Scheele's expertise in psychology, biology, neuro-linguistic programming, and accelerated learning has led him to develop a system which is remarkably successful and may be the easiest for you. It involves several distinct audio compact discs from a collection Paul labored years to develop. They are called Paraliminals. "Personal Selling Power" wrote, "It is the only way to reach every part of your brain to achieve the results you want from your audio investment." "Body, Mind & Spirit" wrote, "They are excellently produced and have a pronounced affect on the listener."

I have put together a special grouping of the most powerful Paraliminals so that you can make things better...including the audio recording Carol Michel used to save her life. With this Paraliminal Success package you can heal pain and truly live the life you always wanted—or thought only possible in the movies. The audio sessions are not magic, but rather they are tools that can be used to produce results which often seem magical.

These recordings are different from anything you may have tried before. There are no questionable subliminal messages. "Forbes FYI Magazine" wrote that Paraliminals "work better than subliminals." There is no awkward hypnosis. Rather you hear a voice in each ear speaking elegantly to different parts of the brain.

The voice in your left ear brings guided fantasies or metaphors which are designed for your creative right brain. The voice in the right ear brings you through powerful processes of neuro-linguistic programming which are designed to stimulate your logical, analytical left brain. Paraliminal recordings get the whole brain involved in these unique processes. This whole brain approach is what makes Paraliminals so uniquely powerful.

The multiple voices are actually quite relaxing. Paraliminals, many satisfied customers say, are the most soothing audio sessions they have ever listened to. Even if you have never listened to an audio recording for something like this, you ought to find them refreshing and beneficial. Our liberal 30-day satisfaction guarantee makes it easy to see just how these audios can help you make changes in your life.

"The Megabrain Report" wrote, "The recordings are meticulously produced on top-of-the-line digital equipment, are enjoyable and musically alive, and unlike most slick corporate offerings, they have heart."

Now, let's look at how these six remarkable Paraliminals can work for you...

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