Events Designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future


You can attend in-person events or online events designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future.

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Seminars & Workshops

Gather with like-minded people to learn new techniques and processes, get real-life practical tips and insights, and be guided by a mentor who knows how to help you get the results you want.

PhotoReading and Genius Code: Paul Scheele taught the popular seminars in March 2021 via Zoom. You can still purchase the recordings for a limited time.

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Step away from your daily life to recharge, renew, and recommit as you become immersed in your goals, hopes, and dreams. Attending a Learning Strategies retreat is like coming home. You will enjoy transformative experiences in welcoming environments and meet people who will seem like longtime friends. You will be guided by seasoned mentors to help bring you to higher and more rewarding levels of performance and contentment. Make it a priority to attend at least one of our retreats in your lifetime.

PhotoReading Retreat November 10-14, 2021

You already know the basics of PhotoReading having done the self-study or attending a seminar. Now it is time to boost your confidence and proficiency and use this collection of “whole mind” processes to enhance your life.

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Paraliminal Mini Retreats

Experience the Paraliminals come to life. Through nine live Paraliminal sessions, Paul Scheele will help guide your inner mind to support your goals in every way possible. Next Event: December 10-12, 2021 via Zoom. Theme of this event is Goal Setting for 2022.

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Virtual Events

Join us from the comfort of your home on the telephone or on the Internet for special workshops, conferences, conversations, online “festivals,” and sharing of exciting information and vital processes. No matter where you live in the world, world-class mentors are available to support you.

Sound Healing | Silent Clearing: Clearing Upper Limits with Dawn Crystal

Join sound healer Dawn Crystal beginning July 6 through November 16 for twenty live sessions of the new Sound Healing | Silent Clearing program. She will help you clear out energetically what you don’t want in your life and bring in expansive energy so you can readily achieve whatever you want.

Dawn Crystal helps bring you to this natural state of happiness by neutralizing, clearing, and healing everything that causes unhappiness. She helps eradicate resistance in your energy field, so the beautiful states of happiness and neutrality permeate your entire being and way of life without limits.

Dawn says, “Can you imagine what will happen when you consistently clear your upper limits week after week for almost a half a year? Miracles! We will be clearing out layer after layer of whatever is limiting your life. I am really excited for this series.”

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Public and Personal Speaking Success with Debra Poneman (Recordings now available.)

Learning to be an effective communicator is something we all need. Experts agree that clear and powerful communication is essential to business and personal success, especially when it’s effortless and natural.

Debra will guide you through her secrets that have worked in the lives of thousands of her students around the world. They have learned from Debra how to rock the stage and shine in everyday life.

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Receiving Bliss: Renewal and Rejuvenation of Prosperity, Joy, and Gratitude (Recordings now available.)

We have a safe haven for you to nourish your body, mind, spirit, and everything in your day-to-day life.

It’s your time to shed that sometimes impenetrable mass of distraction that keeps many locked in the drama of life, sometimes questioning is this all there is?

Or if what you treasure has lost its original charm, and you wonder whether life has more to offer.

Your new Receiving Bliss program brings you into PURE JOY, which is always with you.

The brand new Receiving Bliss course with Deirdre Hade is now available as recordings. It's the recipe for true prosperity.

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