Events Designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future


You can attend in-person events or online events designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future.

Seminars & Workshops

Gather with like-minded people to learn new techniques and processes, get real-life practical tips and insights, and be guided by a mentor who knows how to help you get the results you want.

Year of PhotoReading 2024

Learn and comprehend your reading material at least 3 times faster than you do now! And, improve virtually all aspects of mental competency.

For the second year in a row Paul Scheele will teach our most comprehensive PhotoReading program, Year of PhotoReading, starting April 26.

Your Year of PhotoReading is designed to wire in the process so you can use PhotoReading as effortlessly as reading this sentence right now.

You won’t have to work at anything. Through your Year of PhotoReading you merely need to use the PhotoReading system on written information you want to know. As you do, your world will change as dramatically as you choose.

Year of PhotoReading Overview

3 Weekend Seminars

You will have three weekend seminars to help you get proficient and skilled at every aspect of PhotoReading.

Booster Sessions between Seminar Weekends

One-hour Booster Sessions will be held in May, June, August and September to keep the PhotoReading system… your skill-development… and your commitment front and center.

80-Day PhotoReading Challenge (Participation is optional)

What’s in it for you? (Besides the excitement of achievement!)

Your brain is so amazingly capable. PhotoReading gets you to use that power in ways most people believe isn’t even possible.

Learn about it here.

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Step away from your daily life to recharge, renew, and recommit as you become immersed in your goals, hopes, and dreams. Attending a Learning Strategies retreat is like coming home. You will enjoy transformative experiences in welcoming environments and meet people who will seem like longtime friends. You will be guided by seasoned mentors to help bring you to higher and more rewarding levels of performance and contentment. Make it a priority to attend at least one of our retreats in your lifetime.

Virtual Events

Join us from the comfort of your home on the telephone or on the internet for special workshops, conferences, conversations, online “festivals,” and sharing of exciting information and vital processes. No matter where you live in the world, world-class mentors are available to support you.

How to Meet a Fairy with Annette Rugolo

Join Annette Rugolo beginning June 12, 2024 for three live sessions of the new How to Meet a Fairy program.

Every now and then we come across a fascinating body of work and would like to share it with you. Today is one of those days, and the body of work includes Fairies.

It will be an easy “yes” if you are being called to heal yourself while reawakening your connection to Mother Earth. Or, if you want to make a conscious connection with your “Earth Guides” and “Nature Spirits.” Those, by the way, will be covered during that first session.

Once we contact these beings and understand their roles in our reality, we can begin to co-create a world that is healthy, thriving, and supportive to all who inhabit it.

During How to Meet a Fairy, you will have the opportunity to go within and heal whatever has created a disconnection from your own body, from the Earth, and from the ones who are here to help us.

Learn about it here.


Sound Healing | Silent Clearing: Life Conditions with Dawn Krystal

Join sound healer Dawn Krystal beginning March 14 through August 1, 2024 for twenty live sessions of the new Sound Healing | Silent Clearing program. She will help you clear out energetically what you don’t want in your life and bring in expansive energy so you can readily achieve whatever you want.

Blocks are mostly contracted energy, which shows up in emotional states, beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and circumstances. They create resistance that challenges your success, relationships, health, and spiritual growth.

Here is how it works. Before each session, fill out a private worksheet that you can download. List everything in that topic that you would like to clear from your life. These are things you have and don’t want.

When you clear the energy of the blocks, they dissipate and make room for expansive energy that can enhance your life. Dawn Krystal will help you. Experience for yourself in her new program Sound Healing | Silent Clearing: Life Conditions.

Learn about it here.