Gain freedom from fear
and project strength

If anxieties about your job, family, relationship, finances, or any other aspect of your life get the best of you, listen to the Anxiety-Free CD. It frees you from emotional bondage so that you can better deal with challenges.

It helps eliminate uncomfortable feelings of fear, whether it is fear of flying... being in front of people... pressure... failure... success... being alone... rejection. Finally, most any fear can be controlled. No longer do fear or anxieties have to control you.

If you have any anxieties at all, get this CD for immediate relief.

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Let fear and anxieties control someone else’s life

Anxiety serves a purpose. It keeps you from running out in front of a car. Anxiety becomes detrimental when it ceases to be an internal warning system. Staying away from downtown for fear of being run over is such a detrimental anxiety.

Let anxiety serve to guide you, not control you.

If you have anxiety on a 0 to 10 scale where 0 is no anxiety and 10 is high anxiety, you are best to keep the anxiety level in the 4 to 7 range. That is very manageable. When it becomes greater, then you need to do something.

Think of anxiety as a level of energy flowing through the nervous system. When it gets right down to it, feelings of anxiety are similar to feelings of excitement; the difference is in our attitude toward it.

Again, anxiety can be useful. It is not wrong or bad to feel anxiety. Many people, unfortunately, use their imagination to turn this energy into stifling and debilitating fear.

Anxieties are always about future events or situations. You may think of an anxiety is about something from the past, when it is really about how the past event affects your future.

The Anxiety-Free CD helps you transform anxious energy into positive energy. It helps free you from its control. It helps prepare you for optimal performance in the future.

Here are how some people have used Anxiety-Free:

  • Are you nervous about a career change or the first day on the job?
  • Do you have to give a presentation, but you are so shaken by it that you cannot concentrate?
  • Have you decided not to take a trip because you have a fear of flying?
  • Do you feel the responsibilities of financial success?
  • Do you want to tell your parents something, but feel anxious about it?
  • Are you delaying doing your taxes because you are afraid that you might owe more money?
  • Do you stay up worrying all night until the kids get home?
  • Are you afraid of losing someone to death?
  • Are you afraid of a relationship?
  • Are you nervous about talking to your boss about a promotion?
  • Are you concerned about traveling outside of the country?
  • Are you afraid to delegate because your co-worker may not pull his weight?
  • Are you afraid of what others may think?

There are a billion and one uses for this CD. You should get it if you ever stopped short of doing something because you were afraid.

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"I used to have severe anxiety attacks. My anxiety attacks were so severe I had to take medication from a doctor. Even with the medication, I was having attacks. I asked my doctor what was causing these attacks and my doctor explained to me that anxiety attacks are caused by lack of confidence in yourself. So I sent for an Anxiety-Free Paraliminal. After listening to it, I stopped having attacks. My doctor took me off the medication, and I feel much better. These sessions have brought me some happiness. The mind rules the body." H.E., Maine