Expand and vitalize your breathing

Imagine that the breathing capacity of your lungs could be greatly expanded and your energy levels increased.

What could that mean for those seeking stress reduction, practicing meditation, looking for inner peace, needing to heal, or wanting greater ease at doing daily activities?

What about athletes and musicians who need stamina to perform at their highest levels?

What could it mean for those with asthma, allergies, COPD, or other breathing challenges?

What about those attacked by viruses such as the flu or COVID-19?

What about those looking to recover from exposure to air pollution and wildfires?

Ten 20-minute video lessons
to expand and vitalize your breathing

…and invigorate your life
(You will have significantly more energy than you have now.)

…and wake up your brain
(This will help all systems of your body. You will find improvements in your ease of movement, your immune system, your ability to handle stresses and anxieties, and your ability to learn, think, and be brilliant.)

How? By following simple, easy, safe, and pleasurable movements that will wake up your brain to create new connections and neural networks. This system of movements is called “NeuroMovement.”

The 20-minute video sessions are designed to increase mobility of your rib cage, spine, clavicles, sternum, diaphragm, and other parts that are involved, or should be involved, to fully “breathe your lungs.”

You may not know this, but your lungs cannot breathe on their own. They require the rest of your body to move in a way that sucks air in and pushes air out.

Almost everyone will find the movements effortless, interesting, and pleasurable. Simply lie on the floor, follow along with the video, and immediately feel the movement of air and breath expand spontaneously. You will notice it. You will literally feel more air coming in and out of your lungs.

What is NeuroMovement?

Decades ago, a woman named Anat Baniel began studying the relationship between movement and the brain. She figured out how to intentionally activate positive brain change (what is called neuroplasticity) for making the seemingly impossible become possible.

Anat discovered that doing movements slowly and gently with attention to what you feel as you move, wakes up the brain to rapidly create millions of new connections. This helps bring about rapid learning and, at times, seemingly miraculous breakthroughs in overcoming limitations due to accidents, bad habits, and a variety of conditions, even when in some cases doctors say there is little hope.

It is all about expanding the repertoire of what your brain can tell your body to do and then being able to do it harmoniously, effortlessly, and without pain and suffering.

You do not have to have a problem
to benefit from these lessons

This might surprise you:

Even if you are healthy and performing at the top of your game, you probably have habitual breathing patterns that create limitations unknown to you.

You see, most of us stop expanding our skills, including our breathing skills, at a relatively young age. This invites more accidents, physical limitations, rapid aging, and malaise, all of which eventually leads to deterioration on many levels.

We humans are built to develop habits, and we need them to survive. The 10 lessons of this new NeuroMovement program can help us develop new habits of breathing that will immediately enhance our lives and serve us long into the future.

Breathing, being such a central and uniquely important function in our lives, calls for our attention and enhancement so that we can go on living the best lives possible, no matter our calling.

Possible benefits to enjoy

  • Enhanced breathing capacit
  • Freedom to spontaneously adapt breathing patterns as postures, actions as demands of the moment change
  • Increased flexibility of the spine, chest, arm, and pelvic movements
  • Pain reduction
  • More energy and vitality
  • Reduced tension in the body
  • Enhanced inner peace
  • Reduced frequency, intensity, and duration of stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Greater awareness and creativity
  • Greater sense of well-being and joy
  • Stronger, more youthful voice

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NeuroMovement: Breathing for Life (DVDs & Digital)
Wake Up Your Brain, Free Your Breath, Energize Your Life
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NeuroMovement: Breathing for Life (Digital)
Wake Up Your Brain, Free Your Breath, Energize Your Life
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It's Risk Free!

NeuroMovement: Breathing for Life DVDs
Wake Up Your Brain, Free Your Breath, Energize Your Life
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It's Risk Free!