Create new solutions and choices

When you get stuck in a problem or lose your way, listen to this CD.

You generate new options for how to think, feel, act, and respond. Many listeners experience an a-ha when listening. This CD miraculously helps you discover new ways to achieve the results you want.

Many customers tell us it is the best and most versatile creativity and problem solving CD ever devised.

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New Option Generator (CD)
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Ideas for when to use the New Option Generator

When stuck on problem listen to the New Option Generator. It won't solve the problem for you, but it will help your other-than-conscious mind generate solutions. And, odds are you would not have thought of these solutions on your own.

Here are a few examples:

  • Your business is experiencing a slump. You have tried everything from bringing in consultant to trying new promotions, but sales remain flat. What's a guy to do?
    Listen to New Option Generator and you may discover that perfect solution. Chances are, too, that it will be so simple that you wonder why you had not thought of it earlier.
  • You and your spouse are having challenging moments (to put it mildly).
  • By listening to the New Option Generator before sleeping, you'll awake with ways to iron your differences and revitalize your relationship.
  • You'd like to go back to school, but work and family commitments cloud your way.
  • You are writing a sales brochure and need fresh ideas to stimulate your customers.
  • Golf captures your free time, but you do not have enough free time.
  • You would like to take a vacation, but you feel you cannot be away from the office for the week.

We all have problems, challenges, double binds, sticky paradoxes, and situations that leave us confused and looking for answers. This is one of the more expensive CDs, but it is one that will save the day again and again as you go through life.

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"Life, Success, and Fighting for Truth and Justice are a continuing story"

As a Marine in Vietnam, Tony Marino was decorated as a hero.

As a Narcotics Detective in Salt Lake City, Tony arrested more drug dealers than other police officers.

As a television investigative reporter, Tony told stories of deceit and fraud leading to positive action for victims.

But his life crashed, and he moved to another state to pick up the pieces. He worked in sales, eventually owning his own business, which eventually gave him a decent living.

"But inside I yearned to fight for truth and justice. I ran for the Colorado Senate. My opponent was and is a racist and a bigot with attitudes I fought. I lost, just barely.

"Then, after listening to my Paraliminal sessions for about four months, the funniest, or perhaps the strangest thing happened. I was asked to be Campaign Manager for a good friend. He is a State Senator, Senate Minority Leader, and Candidate for Governor. And, this pays more than my own company!"

Tony says, "Even though other programs hadn't worked for me, I had to try Paraliminals -- I had nothing more to lose. I learned they work, especially the New Option Generator. I believe they helped me cause my destiny and guide my life."

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