incident you have attached meaning to. This process will help unhook you. It will also help satisfy any unfruitful curiosity such as, “if only I had...”

New History Generator will free you from the past, and it will allow the wounds to heal.

How to eliminate compulsive thoughts

Nellie Forbush sang in the classic musical "South Pacific", “I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way.”

You can do this, too. If compulsive or unrelenting thoughts about a past relationship—again, that is something that no longer exists—consume you, then you need to purge your mind. Automatic Pilot is the best mind-purger I have ever come across.

When you listen to Session A of Automatic Pilot you will vaporize negative self-talk. You will wash that man (or woman) right out of your hair. At first, your mind may only be free for a little while—maybe just an hour or two. But if you listen to it once a day for a week, and then periodically thereafter, you will be clear headed. It is a way to get on with your life, and prepare yourself for the future that is charging at you right now.

How to quell anxieties of a failed relationship

It is not unusual to have anxieties after a failed relationship. “I will never find someone.” “I am too old.” “I am afraid I'll get into another bad relationship.” “What will my friends and family say?” “I don’t want to commit to someone else again, because I may get hurt.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Anxieties can be stressful.

These anxieties emanate from a past event (that no longer exists), and they are projected into a future occurrence (that does not exist). Anxieties are unreal, harmful manifestations that need releasing right now.

Anxieties are fantasies that are not good for you. Luckily, Anxiety-Free can literally free you from the hooks. It gives you the freedom to spend your energies in the present—so that you can enjoy your life right now as you prepare for that incredible future hurtling at you.

How to feel great about yourself

When you listen to the above CDs, your progress will lead you to feel great about yourself. You can further support your inner self-esteem and your sense of self-worth by listening to the Self-Esteem Supercharger. As a matter of fact, when you listen to this CD a couple times before beginning your Paraliminal program, you build an inner strength and sense of purpose that provide a foundation so all Paraliminals work better.

You will feel good using this CD. Many customers even report that their joints tingle when they listen. Others say their confidence soars. At the crack of dawn one morning, a Paraliminal user felt so good that she went out in her front yard and sang, “Oh what a beautiful morning.”

A whole new world unfolds for you, even as you read this Special Report. Get the Self-Esteem Supercharger and get ready... for it is happening for you right now.

How to direct the natural magnetic energies of the human body

When you think about the new you that you are creating, does this person have charm? poise? presence? an inner glow of beauty? Is the new you engaging? attractive?

If so, your bright future becomes a reality when you listen to Instantaneous Personal Magnetism. Paul Scheele discovered that magnetic energies exists naturally in everyone. Direct them so others perceive you as magnetic.

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism not only helps you direct your magnetic energies but also help stop leakages that may even push people away from you. You may actually be repelling others. These leakages are related to the problems discussed in the earlier sections of this report. This means that listening to Instantaneous Personal Magnetism supports the work you do with the other Paraliminals.

How to attract the perfect mate

First, clean up any clutter in your life that may be associated with past relationships—that’s the purpose for the previously mentioned CDs. You will then be ready for the best Paraliminal CD of them all, Prosperity, to help align your inner mind to seek out and/or attract the love of your dreams.

When you start listening to Prosperity, notice everyone who comes into your life. Embrace them with unconditional love, because one of them may be your perfect mate. Remember, he or she may be a diamond in the rough, or a bud waiting for the right conditions to blossom. Express yourself with full vigor and vitality, and this person will materialize right before your eyes!

How to nurture and maintain a strong, loving, rich, and satisfying relationship

A relationship is not a thing. It is a process of relating that relies on verbal and nonverbal communications. Improving the quality of a relationship, involves improving the way you interact.

Session A of Paul Scheele’s brilliant Positive Relationships Paraliminal CD focuses on matters of the mind. It helps clear away interpersonal conflict and improve the quality of any existing relationship. It helps you make it safe for honest and open communication.

Session B centers on matters of the heart and soul. It helps you heal your relationship with yourself so that you can attract positive, supportive, and healthy relations with others.

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