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Average people do only 3 out of 10 things they promise to do. They fail to follow through on 7 things.
What causes this failure & what you can do to stop it in yourself

by Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies Corporation

"People only follow through on 30% of their intentions," Paul Scheele, developer of Paraliminals, told me the other day.

30%, I was dumbfounded.

"But, Pete," Paul said, "think of all the students in our PhotoReading classes who promise to listen to the special PhotoReading recordings... but they never do. They have great intentions, but do not follow through. Haven't you ever done something like that?"

3 Problems Keep People From Succeeding

Imagine how the following problems play in your life. Think of several personal examples? Later, I will tell you what you can easily do about them.

1) Bad Habits. Have you ever found it difficult to plan your time? Or have you simply not planned? Have you ever waited until the last minute? Have you ever set up unrealistic expectations? Have you overcommitted and promised to do too much? Have you forgotten what you promised?

Of course you have, and no doubt it has caused more problems.

2) Priorities and Values. Have you ever said you will do something, intended to do it, but never did? It just was not a high enough priority. Procrastination is all about priorities—unfortunately, most people never realize that.

If something is a priority, you do it. Plain and simple. There is now a way to adjust your priorities so that you follow through—with minimal effort.

3) Self-Sabotage. This is an unconscious trap that plagues everyone to one degree or another. Have you ever talked yourself out of something? Have you ever done something against your better judgment? Have you ever stopped short of success? I used to, until now.

Time For A Reality Check

If any of the following examples of bad habits, priorities, and self-sabotage fits you, make a mental note. It is a good exercise to help you look seriously at what you are doing—or not doing.

  • You want to keep your home clean, but...
  • A friend's birthday is coming. You think it would be nice to surprise him or her with a card, but you do not write it on your shopping list and you never buy the card.

    You want to attend a concert when you see an ad in the paper. You think about tearing out the ad to order the tickets, but you don't. You miss the concert.
  • You buy a new book, but you choose to sit in front of the television instead of reading the book.
  • Flossing prevents gum disease, but you do not floss on a regular basis.
  • You vowed to play miniature golf this summer with an old friend. But now it is fall...
  • You were going to plant flowers in the spring, but you never got to it...or you did, but unattended weeds choked them out by July.
  • Fresh foods are better tasting and nutritious, but processed foods are easy to make and they never spoil.
  • You belong to a fitness club, but you do not attend on a regular basis. Your belly is getting bigger.
  • You do not praise your spouse as often as he or she deserves.
  • You play golf (or tennis, or bridge, or something else) but your technique is lacking.
  • Writing down your accomplishments at work may help to get a raise, but...
  • You gave a talk or presentation, but you didn't prepare.
  • You were late, because you had to iron a shirt (or find a matching sock).
  • You come home from work tired. Listening to a Paraliminal or taking a walk would rejuvenate you, but instead you opt for cookies and the television.
  • You want to take a PhotoReading class, but you do not make the call.

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