Make your Paraliminal library even more effective and easier to use

Paul’s Paraliminal Accelerator shows you how to listen to your Ultimate You Library in a way to make massive headway toward any goal.

This ingenious system helps you make sense of the wide array of possibilities that the Paraliminals offer you.

Using the Paraliminal Accelerator is easy

First, you determine the goal you want moved forward (or the issue you want jettisoned).

Then -- and this is the power -- you plug this goal/issue into a series of charts that tell you specifically what order to listen to the Paraliminals.

You’ll be guided how to answer the questions from the beginning of each Paraliminal session so that your goal energizes. This is important, because you will be asked to listen to Paraliminal sessions that you may never had imagined could even support your goal.

You see, through years of working with the Paraliminals, Paul knows how to get long-lasting and far-reaching results. Not only will you accomplish your goal (or obliterate your issue), you will get many, many side benefits appearing in all areas of your life.

This is because: Your issues do not live in isolation.

That’s why so many of our clients have seen benefits completely unrelated to the Paraliminal they were listening to.

They lost considerable weight after working on their self-esteem with the Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal... or got a huge promotion after resolving problems with their spouse with Positive Relationships... or improved their memory after resolving a past issue with New History Generator.

Everything is connected.

Paul knows that, and he designed the Paraliminal Accelerator to take advantage of all of these unseen synergies and serendipities.

Over the course of 40 days you will listen to Paraliminal sessions in a powerful progression set by Paul.

Using the Paraliminals will result not only in progress toward your goals, but solid, unwavering progress

The Paraliminal Accelerator is designed to be used with The Ultimate You Library.

With your Paraliminal Accelerator you will receive:

  • A course manual and special listening charts.
  • One introductory audio set to get you started on the process.

When you are finished with the first run through the Paraliminal Accelerator, you would have either accomplished your purpose or you would know -- beyond the shadow of a doubt—that you have made great progress.

A bigger goal might not be accomplished in 40 days, but you can dramatically move it forward.

Then what’s next? Work on your next goal or issue! You can either use the Paraliminal Accelerator all over again, or you can use the insiders’ knowledge you have gained to plan your next step.

Your cost for the Paraliminal Accelerator is $78. Would achieving one of your goals be worth $78? Would accelerating its attainment justify the expense?

Or, do you have an issue or problem that would be worth $78 to clear up?

If you can answer yes to any of those questions, you need to jump on the program right away.

If not, think of a goal that would be worth $78. Would receiving a 10% or 20% pay raise be worth it? Would improving your relationships be worth it? Would reducing your resistance to success be worth it? Then order right away.

We’re convinced you will find the Paraliminal Accelerator to be of high value. Of course, you can return it within 30 days if you use it and you don’t see huge progress, but I know your results are more important to you.

I am not saying that you have to pay more to make the Paraliminal library work.

Millions of Paraliminals are being used by people around the world. They are perhaps the best self-development tools available today. You do not need the Paraliminal Accelerator to make them work. They stand well by themselves.

Use the Accelerator to get results quicker

We created the Paraliminal Accelerator because many people have asked for a tool to help them harness the power of the Paraliminals. After all, there are a lot of options available through the Paraliminals of The Ultimate You Library.

But we also created it for another reason: there is tremendous benefit to focusing all of the Paraliminals to one goal. And that is what the Paraliminal Accelerator is great at!

Here’s what happened when I began personally using the Paraliminal Accelerator

Frankly, I have been surprised by my results!

I know the Paraliminals inside out and backwards. I’ve been using them for decades, and I thought I knew everything.

I have an important goal that has been on my list for three years. I always hit the minimum expectation, so I have been happy with the progress, and each year has been getting better, but I still haven’t reached the target expectation.

After just ten days following the order that Paul recommends in the Paraliminal Accelerator, I saw progress:

  • Any doubt or resistance to the goal evaporated.
  • I found myself automatically doing things that help me reach my target.
  • I felt incredible!

Boy am I glad I started the process. It was so easy once I dove in. After all, what’s easier than listening to a Paraliminal?!


Pete Bissonette


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