Events Designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future


You can attend in-person events or online events designed to help you generate results that can last long into the future.

Watch a video about the programs Paul is teaching this year.

Seminars & Workshops

Gather with like-minded people to learn new techniques and processes, get real-life practical tips and insights, and be guided by a mentor who knows how to help you get the results you want.

PhotoReading & Genius Code Seminars

Paul Scheele will present PhotoReading via Zoom March 27-29, 2021. Learn to use your whole mind to read with greater speed, comprehension, and enjoyment from the developer himself. On day three you will experience a mind-blowing exercise not found in other PhotoReading seminars—Syntopic Reading. Absorb and synthesize information on a single topic with four or five of your own books in just a few power-packed hours!

Stay for Paul's 2-day Genius Code seminar March 30 & 31, 2021. Here you will learn to interpret and respond to messages that your brain automatically streams through your mind. As a result, you can improve all aspects of mental ability, including memory, creative thinking, problem solving, quickness, IQ, and learning capacity.

Join us for these back-to-back brain-enhancing seminars!

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Step away from your daily life to recharge, renew, and recommit as you become immersed in your goals, hopes, and dreams. Attending a Learning Strategies retreat is like coming home. You will enjoy transformative experiences in welcoming environments and meet people who will seem like longtime friends. You will be guided by seasoned mentors to help bring you to higher and more rewarding levels of performance and contentment. Make it a priority to attend at least one of our retreats in your lifetime.

Paraliminal Mini Retreats

Experience the Paraliminals come to life. Through nine live Paraliminal sessions, Paul Scheele will help guide your inner mind to support your goals in every way possible. Next Event: December 10-12, 2021 via Zoom. Theme of this event is Goal Setting for 2022.

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Virtual Events

Join us from the comfort of your home on the telephone or on the Internet for special workshops, conferences, conversations, online “festivals,” and sharing of exciting information and vital processes. No matter where you live in the world, world-class mentors are available to support you.

Sound Healing | Silent Clearing with Dawn Crystal

Join sound healer Dawn Crystal beginning January 26 through June 8 for twenty live sessions of the new Sound Healing | Silent Clearing program. She will help you clear out energetically what you don’t want in your life and bring in expansive energy so you can readily achieve whatever you want.

Dawn’s work is all about getting to a place of neutrality where things don’t block you or hold you back… where you can happily live with peace and contentment… where you have the energetic space to create your ideal life.

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Receiving Bliss: Super Manifestation of Abundance, Happiness, & Peace (Recordings now available.)

While it is not an actual machine, it is machine-like in how you can use it to heal, restore, and rewrite your reality into one that can finish projects, imagine anything you want to create, and bring deep desires to life.

The brand new Receiving Bliss course with Deirdre Hade, which just finished on Thursday, sends you deep diving into ancient mystical wisdom traditions. As you use the recordings of the four sessions, which are now available, you will literally feel the keys of abundance, happiness, and peace that you can use to unlock the Manifestation Incubator.

Do you need a healing? Do you want a desire to manifest? Do you want to live a year of miracles? The unique journeys and meditations of the Receiving Bliss experience is meant to open the doorway so you have access to the divine creative light. This lifts real obstacles and toxic energy, and it empowers you to manifest the best life possible.

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