Clear Mind ~ Bright Future by Paul R. Scheele

Do you ever fear that your hopes and dreams will remain just hopes and dreams?

Dear Friend,

The following five simple words hold the mystery to your very own life.

"What should I be doing? "
...tomorrow? week? year?
...for the rest of my life?

You don't want to wake up 10 or 15 years from now wishing you would have done something different.

Paul Scheele has an amazing process to get to your answer.

This process, however simple, kindles your life's purpose—even when it is buried deep inside of you away from your conscious understanding. Even when you are no more aware of your purpose than a traffic light is aware of its.

As you know, the purpose of the traffic light is to keep traffic safely flowing. But it does not know it. Yet it operates on purpose. Day in and day out.

You, too, can live "on purpose"—even when you don't fully know your purpose. We say, you don't need to know your purpose. You just need to live it. And life is better when you live on purpose.

You make more money, have more fun, enjoy better relationships, live healthier, and enjoy all of the good things in life. You are happy, joyful, at peace, feeling deep contentment, and beaming with gratitude.

Let’s change the way you think about setting goals and intentions

Paul Scheele says, “Instead of consciously thinking and setting goals, do a series of short burst brainstorming sessions around your life.”

Brainstorm and write as quickly as you can.

This way your conscious mind can't interfere by talking you out of something or saying you are not good enough or any number of mumblings.

Using Paul’s brainstorming process, ideas will bubble up directly from your inner mind without your conscious mind editing them!

This will lead to clear goals that really fit your life’s purpose and your true desires. This will make getting out of bed a snap. This will make engaging with your work and your daily activities a joy.

Do you see what happens here with Paul’s process?

With your conscious mind out of the way, your purpose literally drives ideas through your inner mind. You’ll take these ideas and turn them into goals. Those goals will help you achieve your dreams and live a wonderful life.

Plus, goals driven by purpose are always easier to attain.

Even when you don’t know your purpose, your inner self knows. Or as Paul Scheele would say, your “soul self” knows.

If you are not 100% sure that you are living your life on purpose… that you are NOT wasting your life… that you are accomplishing all you can… that you are not missing something important, you absolutely must let your soul guide your goals.

Paul Scheele will help you through the process.

Maybe you are dreaming of performing in Carnegie Hall ... writing a book ... climbing the Devil's Tower ... reading the World's Greatest Books ... snorkeling in the South Pacific ... running for public office ... starting a business ...

Fantastic! Do something for yourself today to bring your hopes and dreams into reality.

You can. You really can.

Life is too precious to a minute longer.

Clear Mind ~ Bright Future

A program to turn your hopes and dreams into realistic, absolutely attainable goals, targets that make sense for you as a unique and wonderful individual.

In just a few hours, international learning expert Paul Scheele will help you discover your guiding purpose in life, sort out what you really want, create a workable path, and get you going to actually realizing your hopes and dreams.

Note: this is not the typical goal setting program. This is fun, energizing, and motivating.

Even though most people don't like goal setting, I love it. Because when you write down goals, your brain automatically works toward bringing them to fruition. Goal setting means clarity, and a more powerful you.

BUT, some ways are quicker, faster, and easier than others ... and a joy, not a chore. That's the Clear Mind ~ Bright Future way.

Here is how it works:

This learning program, designed by Paul and our team here at Learning Strategies and originally presented as a live event, requires nothing more than an internet connected device for streaming the video and a few uninterrupted hours.

You can do the course in modules or all at once. (We recommend doing it all at once)

When you get the course, you will automatically receive a series of supportive emails to help you thoroughly integrate your learning.

This is NOT a typical goal-setting program

You’ve probably never experienced anything like this unless you’ve been through it with Paul before.

Just take the time. Go through the process. See what rises up. And notice how much better you feel about yourself and the prospects for the coming year.

If you’re not good with goals. You have to try this out. It works. And if you’re not happy with what you experience, request a refund. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re good with goals, join Paul to infuse your goals with a power to make it easier than ever to have your goals come to pass.

Your inner world creates your outer world whether you want wealth, health, a new house, a better car, a promotion at work, new furniture ... it does not matter one bit.

Clear Mind ~ Bright Future focuses your energies and conditions your mind to bring into your outer world your hopes and dreams.

Best Regards,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette
President, Publisher,
and someone with a clear mind and bright future himself

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