1) You can change most any behavior easily and permanently.
- New Behavior Generator -

All that you do is behavior. If you can control behavior, you have won half the battle. One of our most powerful CDs is the New Behavior Generator. This is the session that guided Carol Michel in turning her life around. It can help you modify old, limiting behaviors and acquire new, more effective behaviors...all without a lot of effort.

With this CD you can take behaviors that may be blocking your success in any endeavor, and you can change them. Sometimes they just need modifying, and other times they need to be replaced with a more useful behavior.

Think of a problem you have now. Can you see how your own behavior may actually be a part of the problem? If so, the New Behavior Generator can be a welcome relief for you.

I personally have a lot of neat success stories with this CD. My favorite is with my piano teacher. I always insisted that he play a piece for me before I start playing it. This way I could use the CD to help acquire the behavior of playing that song. He would resist saying, “That is not how I want to teach you.” I would resist, and eventually he would play it for me. Six months later, after I played a fairly complicated piece he asked, “Pete, to what do you attribute your incredible success?” All along he denied that the CD was beneficial, even though I proved it to him with song after song!!

Dana used this CD to get better grades in math. Mark accomplished all his goals for the year in just six months saying, "It has been a great investment for me." It helped Gloria get her first modeling job. It helped release Luciano from a "mental bondage." Grethel said that before the CD she "talked too loud, acted too fast, and did not listen thoroughly." Marlene learned to fly an airplane, Matt improved his baseball game, and Steve won a weight lifting competition...all with the New Behavior Generator.

I have said again and again that if I had only one recording for the rest of my life, it would be the New Behavior Generator. It is that powerful, and it is yours with this special package to help solve challenges in your life.

2) Successful people point to one, most critical component of their success.
- Self-Esteem Supercharger -

Self-esteem. Inner confidence. A knowing that no matter what happens around you, there is a part of you that is perfect. This strength can separate the winners from all others.

To fix problems or enhance your life you must first and foremost feel good about yourself. You must not give power to others. You must know that you can solve any issue in your life, and that no other human has power over you. You must believe that no matter what others say or do, no matter how many walls may seem to cave in on you, there is a part of you that is perfect and beautiful. Self-esteem is recognizing this success-propelling fact.

As part of the classic Paraliminal Success collection, you will receive the Self-Esteem Supercharger. This can allow good to permeate every cubic inch of your body and to give you the strength to accomplish anything, the resiliency to recover from any set-back, the confidence to know that what you do is right, and the joy which is supposed to be with us in all moments.

I personally love this CD. When I listen to it before I get together with my brothers and sisters, the weekend moves smoothly and without incident. When I listen to it before a morning racquetball game, I am unbeatable. When I listen to it before I play the piano, I play with more grace. When I am feeling a little down, it picks me up. When times are tough, I feel great and encouraged. There are many perfect times to listen to this CD.

John wrote saying problems "no longer dominate my life." Another John said it was "miraculously phenomenal" and better than years of therapy. Still another John wrote that he is finally no longer late for appointments, and he now has the "confidence to solve problems." It helped Marq recover from "a personal failure." Andy said "I have never felt better in my entire life." It helped Arielle through an unexpected job change, and Craig got the "confidence to go back to school for my degree." After five years, Carol Michel listens to this CD the most.

3) How to have all the energy you need to calmly
breeze through one day after another.
- 10-Minute Supercharger -

Do you come home after work and zone out in front of the television? Are you too tired to fix dinner, play with the kids, talk with your spouse, or go to a movie with a friend? Do you wonder where your energy went?

Or, do you need coffee in the morning? How many fixes of caffeine do you need throughout the day? I used to always need a Cherry Coke or Diet Pepsi in the afternoon. The problem was that it always made me jittery, and it would adversely affect my vocal cords. I put up with it, because I needed the boost of energy.

The day I first listened to the 10-Minute Supercharger was the last day I drank caffeine in the afternoon. I gave it up completely, because ten minutes with this recording gave me an even better kind of all natural energy without the jitters. I actually became much calmer and more productive during the last hours of the afternoon. This new found mental alertness was a great awakening for me.

Kirk found it "calming." Juan wrote just after finishing a tough semester, "This, without a doubt, is the best I have ever come across." Doug said "it makes my meetings more productive." Sherry said, "I finally have energy to help get me through the day."

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