D. Trinidad Hunt

Trinidad HuntD. Trinidad Hunt is an international author, educator, corporate consultant, trainer, and sought after keynote speaker. Trin is a visionary who touches the lives of those she meets.

Trinidad is the co-founder of three organizations:

  • Elan Enterprises focuses on corporate and leadership training including The Academy Elan, a leadership program held in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Trin's corporate work has been recognized internationally, with training and speeches in Canada, the Cook Islands, the Philippines and invitations to The People's Republic of China and India to participate in training their business leaders in Quality Management.
  • The World Youth Network focuses on character education curriculum and services to support students, parents and teachers. Her curriculum for 4th through high school is in hundreds of schools throughout the United States.
  • Interactive Foundations focuses on products to support learning and education.

Trinidad's national best seller, Learning to Learn – Maximizing Your Performance Potential, is used in universities and accelerated learning programs throughout the world. Her novel, The Operator's Manual for Planet Earth – An Adventure for the Soul, was published by Hyperion, Disney's adult book division. She has also produced a small inspirational book of thoughts for the day called Remember to Remember Who You Are.

The powerful technology of transformation presented by Trin in the Euphoria! Personal Learning Course is based on her 25 years of research with over thirty thousand students in the field of human development. You will maximize all areas in your life by a simple realignment of thoughts, feelings and emotions into a potent creative force.

The outcome you will experience from this program is a clear sense of "connectedness" – a sense of your own life path. You will be able to increase your effectiveness dramatically by using the simple tools in this program to release any inner reactions or tension on the spot. Then, no matter what challenges you may encounter, you will be able to turn them into an opportunity. As a result of this audio program, you will be able to think, feel, speak and act in a positive proactive way. Joy, wonder and exhilaration are the natural result of Trin's breakthrough technology.