Debbie Frank

Debbie FrankDebbie’s writings have appeared in international publications for decades. Her personal mentoring of Princess Diana between 1989 and 1997 has made her a popular guest on network television about the Princess and the new royals.

Most recently Debbie was guest on Meghan Markle: An American Princess on FOX TV in May 2018, ABC News The Last 100 Days of Diana in May 2017, and the TLC Network documentary Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason in July 2017.

Debbie is regularly interviewed by E! Entertainment and BBC Two's Daily Politics as a guest of Andrew Neil where she gives analysis on politicians and trends.

Debbie has authored six major books: Written in the Stars, Birth Signs, Baby Signs, Debbie Frank’s Cosmic Ordering Guide to Life, Love & Happiness, and The Law of Attraction for Love.

Debbie works on-going with a host of international celebrities, royalty, and CEOs. She is a catalyst to make profound shifts in actualizing their (YOUR!) purpose, happiness, and personal evolution.

Debbie is the author of our Enlightened Astrology personal learning course.