Bernie Saunders

Bernie SaundersBernie Saunders is a longtime friend and colleague who has built a sterling reputation in the world of accelerated learning. He was instrumental in getting American Express Financial Services to commission Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies Corporation to develop PhotoReading back in 1985. But a few years ago he was feeling lousy. Rusted. Lost.

He took a long break from his consulting and training work. He played the piano, painted, and wandered through the gardens of his neighborhood. Hours looking at petals, stamens, and pistels. Bright colors, sweet nectar, unusual shapes. Tiny buds, full blooms, wilted crowns, dried stalks. The breakdown of his life forced him to stop and smell the roses, and in doing so discovered the paradise in his neighborhood that held one of the secrets for renewing and rejuvenating life.

He emerged a different Bernie. Pleasant. Focused. Energized. Calm. Happy. To the delight of his wife and children, and to the ultimate benefit of you.

And, as a lifelong educator and corporate trainer, Bernie brought to his clients what he uncovered in the gardens of his neighborhood. "Amazingly, clients began experiencing breakthroughs that not only got them more benefit from my class, but they said they began accomplishing more in their outside lives."

He stopped by our offices to talk with us. He told how his discovery stimulates a courageous conversation deep within. How automatically, without any effort, people begin to trust their instincts of imagination, discovery, magic, and wonder. How within days people stop spending too much of their lives reacting, overreacting, and rushing around.

We were enthralled, and immediately began working with Bernie on Boundless Renewal so that you, too, can experience more truth, beauty, freedom, and love in your life...and all the success it brings!