David Rubenstein, Ph.D.

David Rubenstein, PhDDavid Rubenstein, Ph.D., Medical Science, is the developer of the "Kinetic Sequencing" technology called the Rubenstein Method. His training and expertise is in Kinesiology and Pain Management, and his clinic, the Rubenstein Center for Stress, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain, helps people heal their stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, and achieve other health benefits.

The Rubenstein Method is a rapid recovery therapy that uses small and precise resistance motions to establish new patterns in the brain. Kinetic Sequencing is the process of guiding various parts of the body through these motions. This activates the neuro-muscular system by triggering the brain to observe and correct nervous system errors, thereby enhancing body and brain functions.

David is also a UCLA Certified Fitness Instructor and ISSA Certified Fitness Therapist. He is the author of Fitness on Purpose: The Most Complete Fitness Program Ever Designed.

David Rubenstein created our Walkabout Course with Paul Scheele.