Rex Steven Sikes

Rex SikesRex Steven Sikes, contributing author of Euphoria!, is a Master Trainer of NLP, speaker, business consultant, writer and expert in accelerated learning and brain-based learning. He appeared before millions on a national NBC talk show where he assisted a "warring" couple resolve their conflicts and renew their love. He has worked with attorneys in a major trial in the U.S. and can often be heard on TV and radio doling out his expert advice on subjects ranging from business persuasion to love relationships. His knowledge, skill, background, and most importantly his commitment to teaching you make him an experience you will talk about for a lifetime.

Rex began doing public appearances by the age of three, becoming a professional magician by eight years old. At fifteen, he joined a church and began doing ministry work taking him to foreign countries. He headed for Hollywood at eighteen where he worked as an actor and stand up comedian. While in California, Rex also studied under eastern religious masters like Rajneesh, Muktananda, Krishnamirti and Zen masters.

When Rex discovered NLP in the mid seventies, he was astounded with the practical real world applications. After reading Frogs into Princes, he was convinced that he was going to make it his lifelong career.

When he is not training with IDEA Seminars, Rex does customized business consulting, executive coaching and expert modeling. Some of his clients include attorneys, CEO's, sales managers, personnel managers, small business owners, training personnel, investors, teachers and educational administrators.