Masanori Kanda

Masanori KandaMasanori Kanda is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, teacher, and trainer in Japan. Future Mapping was created by Masanori and inspired by techniques he learned from Paul Scheele and Win Wenger, Ph.D., in Genius Code.

In fact, Masanori translated, published, promoted, and taught Genius Code, Natural Brilliance, and PhotoReading in Japan, and he has attracted more people to PhotoReading than any other instructor. He is an innovative thinker in many domains and has been the number one-rated marketing consultant in Japan.

Masanori has excelled as an author in both fiction and nonfiction in business and the arts. His works include 2022 – Success Principles for the Next Ten Years, 90 Days to Business Riches, Contagious Word of Mouth, Unlikely Law of Success, The 60-Minute Project that Will Raise Your Business to the Top, Confessions of Self-Made Millionaires, Melody of Life, and Money and Justice. He also produced the musical With You and the TV series The Power to Work.

Masanori is founder of the Action Center of Business and Humanity and a consultant to clients in large corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools, and to entrepreneurs and professionals in many fields.