Replace judgment and criticism with acceptance and kindness

Repeatedly judging yourself, ‘shoulding’ on yourself, or blaming yourself leads to anxiety, depression, shame, fear, and other downward spirals.

As you find compassion and love for yourself, you become happier and healthier. Self-love heals every problem. You find yourself in the flow, creating the life you love. You feel connected to family, friends, colleagues, and others in your circles. Your confidence grows, you feel emotionally balanced, and life satisfaction reaches the highest levels.

As you use Self-Love you find yourself:

  • Feeling more love.
  • Peaceful and content.
  • Feeling self-reassured throughout your day.
  • Embracing opportunities to learn.
  • Welcoming mistakes as clues for making progress.
  • Fully present in each moment.
  • Prepared to choose your future.

When you are kinder to yourself, even with imperfections, you experience greater well-being and ultimately greater success. Those are two of the biggest reasons to use your Self-Love Paraliminal as often as you can.

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