Improve any aspect of your life in 20 minutes a day – even while you're sleeping!

Paraliminals help you:

  • Energize in just 10 minutes
  • Boost your memory in just 16 minutes
  • Feel good in just 18 minutes
  • Acquire a new behavior in just 24 minutes
  • Change memories in just 30 minutes
  • and much, much more...

Almost anything is possible with Paraliminals

Hundreds of thousands of people have Paraliminals, and they beam with personal triumphs. The break-through technologies of neuro-linguistic programming and whole brain learning coupled with over two decades of research and field work by Paul R. Scheele, have made it possible. (You may have seen him on CBS Television News or The Learning Channel.)

You can create a better life for yourself, and "you can do it" with Paraliminal audio sessions. These are not magical or mystical–they are simply the best, easy-to-use tools available today. As a matter of fact, call or email us personally if you have any questions about them. Read the Introduction to Paraliminals and order today. Look for our special offers so that you can save money today.

When you get your Paraliminals you will discover a new world of personal achievement. You will discover that you won’t have to listen to them over and over, because you will get results with each listening. We know you will be satisfied, and we will guarantee it. Order today!

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"I cannot believe how far I’ve come since listening to the Paraliminals.

I’ve lost 45 pounds, and they are staying off. I’ve been eating less, and exercising more–and it feels natural.

I'm in my 40’s, and I am in school retraining for a better career. (Actually, I never had a career, just a series of jobs.) Plus, I have an interim position with a firm that has great potential for me.

My self-esteem has improved dramatically, and I think more positively. I use to be depressed a lot, but I am not any more. No more self-pity for me. As a matter of fact, several people have commented on how much better I sound to them.

I owe much of my successes to the Paraliminals and the support I get whenever I call Learning Strategies Corporation. It is great!"

- Harold Jordan, Oakland, California

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