Your brainwave activity changes immediately when you PhotoRead, allowing greater speed and focus

Electroencephalograph provided by IBVA Technologies

You can see in the above chart how brainwave activity instantly changed when a student began PhotoReading during a special session taped for a United Film & Television documentary called "Genius."

The dark areas show brainwave activity while the student was "regular" reading. The lighter area shows activity while the student was PhotoReading. Notice how the change happened immediately. It is like plodding through a dense forest and then running through an open field. "Mental chatter" disappeared as the PhotoReader instantly expanded the capabilities of his mind.

This highlights yet another way that PhotoReading is different than regular reading and different than speed reading. PhotoReading allows you to process information in a way that is more compatible with the tremendous powers of your brain.

With that said, the true power of PhotoReading does not come from some fancy chart, but from using the system. PhotoRead to build knowledge and you will earn rewards such as more time, money, respect, and confidence.

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