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Choose an official PhotoReading seminar taught by a licensed PhotoReading instructor who thoroughly understands and always uses PhotoReading. If you cannot attend one of the classes listed below, purchase the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course. It is an effective alternative to the live seminar.

Most of our classes have only 20 participants, giving you maximum personal time with the instructor.

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PhotoReading seminar graduates may repeat a seminar in most cities for a non-refundable $125 tuition (refundable if cancelled at least 72 hours prior to the class start). Call us to enroll.

Cancellation Fee: $125 fee will be withheld from your tuition refund if enrollment is cancelled within 72 hours of the class start.

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What makes this course so rich?

Can I PhotoRead Already?

Toronto Seminar Only - Brand New 2019 (nonconscious) Mash-Up:
PhotoReading & Financial Liberation  

Catapult yourself to the next level of abundance.

That’s right! What if you could use PhotoReading to liberate super-abundance within and around you?

PHOTOREADING: A powerful way to use your whole mind to process printed information at astonishing speeds. 25,000 words a minute. Get your reading done at least three times faster.

FINANCIAL LIBERATION: You achieve and maintain a wealthier and happier lifestyle. You have great ease and confidence around money. You have certainty around your career and life path.

PhotoReading opens access to your nonconscious mind. It facilitates a robust and vigorous avenue for directing your mind to fulfill an intention.

In the 3-day seminar you will learn the PhotoReading system, which you will be able to apply to any reading situation you have. This includes books/ebooks, web reading, reports, magazines, and email. You will learn to blast through your reading material with significant comprehension at high speeds.

Achieve these productivity goals:
— Get key points from articles after just 30 to 60 seconds.
— Get key points from books in as little as 10 minutes.
— Get full comprehension from books in 3 hours.

Stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt will be replaced by confidence and competence. This is not speed reading. This is a whole mind approach that combines the capabilities of your right brain and left brain for super-fast reading and learning.

During the Toronto Seminar, overlaying PhotoReading will be Financial Liberation. You will learn how to set your intention for financial liberation, uncover what you need to know to create and maintain wealth and success, and do what it takes to accomplish your goal.

You will do this by "mentally photographing" books directly into your nonconscious mind where emotion and behavior reside. These two powerful forces will be directed to the accomplishment of your goal.

You have never experienced anything like this. It’s an out-of-the-box approach to living the life you desire.

*Special “Play It Again” Bonus When you go home after the seminar, you might be asking, “What was it that Millicent (your instructor) said about such-and-such?” Never fear, because we filmed Paul Scheele’s PhotoReading seminar in 2017, and you’ll get those video recordings after the seminar. Since no two seminars are the same, you’ll be in for a treat. It’s a great way to cement in everything you learn and take your skills to higher levels.

Learning Strategies Class Schedule

If you are considering a PhotoReading class that is not on our calendar, make sure your class is taught by a licensed PhotoReading instructor.

Toronto PhotoReading
November 8, 9, 10, 2019
3 payments of $250.00
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November 8 (1pm - 9pm), 9 (9am - 7pm), 10 (9am - 6pm), 2019
Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Airport
231 Carlingview Drive
Toronto, ON M9W 5E8 Canada


Cancellation Policy

If enrollment is cancelled within 72 hours of the class start, $125 will be withheld from your tuition refund.
For more information, call toll-free (US/Canada) 1-888-800-2688 or 952-767-9800 during business hours.