How others use PhotoReading

A student improved his high school math grade from a D to a B in one semester. He said that PhotoReading math books must have given him ways to do problems better. Another student PhotoRead a variety of books before preparing a theme paper. The teacher wrote on her paper, "A+ Your writing style improved overnight. What did you do?!"

Several musicians have reported uses of PhotoReading music. They find that PhotoReading musical scores a day before first playing the music makes the first run through much easier—as if they have already practiced the piece.

A PhotoReader lost his job after learning PhotoReading. He credits his higher paying, new job to PhotoReading and learning a new industry quickly.

A doctor of psychology from Mexico was asked to present her twenty-page research paper to a conference in California. Because it was written in Spanish, she would have to translate the paper as she spoke. Although she was bilingual, she had always found it difficult to speak English from Spanish writing. She PhotoRead the Spanish-English dictionary several times the day and night before her presentation. During her speech, she spoke fluently without any confusion whatsoever. She reported being relaxed and completely comfortable the entire time.

A gardener found it easier to recognize plants after PhotoReading a guide.

A high school English teacher used the PhotoReading whole mind system to prepare for an American literature unit on Hemingway. She PhotoRead all the commentaries on Hemingway's writing, plus all books he wrote including the two the class unit would cover. In addition, she rapid read the two books. She surprised herself as the material activated spontaneously during her lectures. Her knowledge of the subject contained rich examples giving the class depth that surpassed any unit she had ever taught.

An office administrator helped bring PhotoReading into her company so that her department could learn new skills to survive the deluge of information they all faced. Several years later she was recruited by a large company into a prestigious executive position. The salary was many times greater than what she was making as an office administrator. She told her former boss that her career advancement was made possible by the reading and learning skills gained from the PhotoReading whole mind system.

A high school honor student was extremely pressured with tremendous amounts of homework. She was prone to tension headaches and suffered from chronic tension in her back and neck. After learning PhotoReading, she discovered her mind's natural gifts did not have to be forced. Using the PhotoReading whole mind system, she began relaxing her way to success. For example, she finished a difficult reading assignment in social studies, one that normally took two hours, in just fifteen minutes. She maintained her academic status, her headaches went away, and she discovered there is life beyond homework.

An executive said that PhotoReading dozens of books on management principles has improved his job performance. Another received an unusually large pay raise a year after the PhotoReading class—she said she developed such an increased understanding of the industry through PhotoReading that it dramatically improved her productivity.

A minister PhotoRead a section of the Bible before sleeping one evening. He dreamed about a Bible story and how it related to a problem in the life of one of his parishioners. He was able to use his insights to counsel the parishioner.

A businessman was asked to speak at a conference. He was unable to prepare for the presentation in the traditional sense of reading books, taking notes, and writing his speech. He was only able to PhotoRead several books, so he figured he could wing it. To his surprise his presentation flowed with aplomb. He even presented statistics which just popped into his head—apparently provided by his other-than-conscious mind. He received excellent feedback from his audience and later verified every fact with the books.

A computer programmer learned that, by PhotoReading pages of code, he quickly discovers program bugs. Another programmer said his ability to write effective code improves when he PhotoReads pages of code written by other programmers.

A mystery writer PhotoRead dozens of mystery books to assimilate styles, techniques, dialogs, descriptions, etc. Immediately his writing flowed more easily. He began sending the first or second drafts of chapters to his agent instead of his usual fifth or sixth draft.

A postal employee entered zip codes into a computer while in the accelerated learning state. He said he became more relaxed and made fewer mistakes than before.

A PhotoReader needed to jump start his car but could not remember the procedure. He had a "do-it-yourself" manual that he had PhotoRead months before. When he opened the book he instantly turned to the exact page that described the procedure.

A law student gave the PhotoReading whole mind system the ultimate test. During the first semester, she PhotoRead all her assigned readings and used the system as recommended to activate whenever time permitted. She always kept on top of her studies, contributed in class, maintained a relaxed and confident attitude, and achieved top grades on four-hour essay exams which she completed in just in two hours. During the second semester, she went back to her old reading and study methods to find out what difference PhotoReading made. After just two weeks she called off the experiment declaring that her old study skills created more work, misery, and feelings of overwhelm.

A salesperson from London PhotoRead a selection of books on self-esteem and confidence building, because his sales were low. He noticed an immediate change in his confidence, attitude, and sales.

A graphic artist routinely PhotoRead design books. He said it heightened his creative ability.

A mother PhotoRead her children's homework to better help them with their studies.

A proofreader discovered that, after PhotoReading documents first, she missed fewer mistakes.

A public relations specialist found himself in a toy store after learning to PhotoRead. He said, "I became very playful after learning PhotoReading."

A 13-year-old PhotoRead his mom's college text book hoping to help her with her homework. He immediately understood the problem. His mom then pledged to learn PhotoReading.

An amateur chef found himself creating delicious new recipes after PhotoReading his library of cook books.

A PhotoReader PhotoRead 23 books on Shakespeare over a several week period hoping to build a foundation so that he could appreciate Shakespeare. Then he sat back with a one of Shakespeare's plays. For the first time in his life he understood why so many people have enjoyed Shakespeare's work. He found the play easier to read, fascinating, and enjoyable.

A new homeowner PhotoRead all the home-improvement books he could find. Friends who helped him on his projects were amazed at how much he knew and began calling him for advice.

A high school defensive football coach repeatedly PhotoRead football play books prior to the start of the season. He discovered during game situations he could predict the opposing team's offensive strategy and respond with the ideal defensive play. His thinking speed and mental alertness were dramatically improved.

A theology graduate school student was referred to PhotoReading by a therapist from his home town. Reading and studying had always been his weaknesses, and school was generally a place of personal turmoil. Although he used PhotoReading faithfully, he was unsure that the system really worked for him. In preparation for his final exam, he used the PhotoReading whole mind system to do all the studying he felt necessary. Since it took much less time than he would normally invest, he doubted he was fully prepared. During the exam, however, he was relaxed, confident, and maintained the "flow" state throughout. When he turned in his test, he felt anxious, not knowing what to expect, and not feeling all that good about what he had done. His exam came back a few days later covered with praises from his instructor. Comments included, "thorough reading and application "excellent," "good summary," and "very insightful." The student was at first stunned. Soon his astonishment turned to pleasure. His new-found skills were with him to stay.

A thirteen year old boy attended the first PhotoReading course in Mexico. Although he has been sighted in only one eye since birth, he applied the skills of PhotoReading eagerly. A month after the course, one of his teachers asked, "Does PhotoReading really work for you?" His response was to hand her his dictionary, which he had PhotoRead several times. He told her, "Give me any word, and I will tell you where the word is positioned on the page." He correctly identified the position of nine out of ten words, to which the teacher responded, "Hmmm, maybe it does work!"

The technical director of the virtual reality department of a supercomputer company PhotoRead all the literature he could find on his industry. Since class, he has become a prolific writer, presenting professional papers to conferences around the country. He receives high professional acclaim from his colleagues.

An electrical engineer at a large power generating utility found himself contributing in a meeting—actually leading the group—on a topic for which he had almost no experience. He was baffled by his obvious expertise. When back in his office, he wondered where his sudden influx of knowledge came from. Then he noticed a stack of trade journals on his shelf that he had recently PhotoRead. Sure enough, the most recent journal contained an in-depth analysis of the meeting's topic.

A single PhotoReader approached a girl at the health club for a date. He said, "PhotoReading opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. All of a sudden approaching people became less stressful, and I can't wait to meet more and more."

A home-brewer PhotoRead a new book on beer-making. That night he dreamed of a new recipe which he later tried. It was his best batch yet.

A PhotoReader forgot someone's name. He PhotoRead the telephone book and the name immediately came to him seconds after PhotoReading the page it was on.

An actress is better able to memorize her lines by PhotoReading the script first. She also says this helps create a better understanding of her characters.

A bookkeeper said her ability to manipulate data in spreadsheets increased significantly. She found it easier to remember the programming commands and to detect errors.

An attorney found himself challenging an expert witness during cross-examination without a clear sense of why he was asking the questions. It became obvious as the expert witness' testimony unraveled. The attorney had PhotoRead books the evening prior, which contained facts contradicting those of the witness. At a conscious level, the attorney did not know the facts. From an other-than-conscious level, his mind had given him the guidance necessary to achieve his goal.

A university professor PhotoRead her office library. One day, when preparing a major paper, her mind spontaneously activated information she needed. She was sitting back in her office chair facing her bookshelf as she closed her eyes. On the backs of her eyelids, she spontaneously imagined that six of the books had red dots on them and were connected by red lines. She quickly opened her eyes, looked at the books she had imagined, and pulled them from the shelves. As she spread them out, she realized her mind had connected the ideal resource information for her paper. Never before had she thought of those six books as having any correlation.

An entrepreneur had difficulty understanding the advice of his legal consultants. He went to a bookstore and PhotoRead several books on the subject. As he was leaving, a flash of insight streaked through his mind, drawing him back to the books. He returned to the shelf of books, intuitively grabbed one, and opened the book automatically to the page that offered a clear explanation of the advice.

A copywriter repeatedly PhotoRead a Thesaurus. His supervisor commended him for a marked improvement in his speed and clarity of writing.

A beginning PhotoReader PhotoRead ten books a day for several weeks. He knew the way to master the system was to do it repeatedly so that the process became second nature. One morning he PhotoRead a book on how quantum physics relates to the brain. That afternoon, during a slow period of a Minnesota Vikings football game, he spontaneously imagined thoughts, ideas, concepts, principles, and theories about physics. Several days later, he told colleagues of his experience, one of whom was a physics expert. After quizzing the PhotoReader, the physics expert said that the PhotoReader, as a lay person, knew a heck of a lot about physics. The PhotoReader had tremendous confidence that, if he went back to the book and activated it, he would easily gain additional knowledge since PhotoReading had given him a solid basis of understanding.

Two friends played tennis for years. One of them took the PhotoReading course and PhotoRead five books on tennis. His game immediately improved so significantly that the other man was stunned. When he discovered how the miraculous improvement occurred, he signed up for the next PhotoReading class. The end result was the same improvement in his own tennis game.

A chemist discovered that PhotoReading his college textbooks helped develop his understanding of charts that in the past presented problems.

Needing to learn French, a businesswoman PhotoRead the English/French dictionary repeatedly for two weeks before attending French classes at the Berlitz school in Brussels. Each night after class, she PhotoRead the course manuals and the dictionary. Within three days, she had advanced to the second book. School administrators told her she was performing two and a half times better than their previous best student.

An office manager said retrieving misfiled files became very easy. "I get into the state for PhotoReading, and the files seem to jump out of the drawer at me."

An insurance salesman didn't have enough time to study for his exams, which have always been difficult for him. He used the PhotoReading whole mind system saying, "The worst that can happen is that I fail and have to retake the class." He passed.

A racquetball player's peripheral awareness increased after learning PhotoReading to the point that she is better able to track her opponent on the court.

An executive reads his email in three minutes, instead of never getting to it.

A certified public accountant was asked to serve on a panel of business professionals discussing raising venture capital. Her hectic schedule left only an afternoon for preparation. She selected several books to PhotoRead and activate. She felt as well prepared as if she had spent several days reading and writing. She presented the information concisely, and it was well received.

An entomology student prepared for an exam by using the PhotoReading whole mind system. He mind mapped his notes and got 100% on the exam. He was surprised.

A successful real estate developer was a true self-made man. He dropped out of school in the tenth grade and never looked back. In his entire life of fifty years, he had read a mere three books. After learning PhotoReading, he reported, "It's just wonderful. I've read a dozen books in the last two weeks, and I'm loving it. The PhotoReading course has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life." One of the biggest changes in his life was his self-esteem as a learner. For many years, he never considered himself a person who could learn. Through PhotoReading, he demonstrated he could.

Several PhotoReaders with strong eyeglass prescriptions have reported a shift in their vision impairment. Within a year after learning the steps of PhotoReading, their annual eye exams did not follow the usual course of increasing prescription intensity. In fact, they reported an actual reversal to a lesser prescription. In each case, the optometrists doing the exam claimed such reversals were extremely rare.

A Systems Manager for the United States Air force used PhotoReading to get his degree in Computer Information Systems Management. He took 15 credit hours worth of exams in humanities, social sciences and world religions, with in one week. He had never attended a class in the subject matter he was tested on. In order to graduate he had to pass these tests, so his motivation was high. He PhotoRead 6 books on each topic a couple days before each exam. Not only did he pass and get 15 credit hours, but he got a B plus average on the exams. This score was higher than the average of the students who took the exams after attending a semester of classes. He is now using PhotoReading to earn a commission as an officer in the US Air Force.

A college senior used PhotoReading to prepare for the final exams. As a senior working to secure a job for after graduation, he dropped his regular studies hoping to get caught up at the minute. He phoned a PhotoReading coach at Learning Strategies Corporation in a panic the night before the exams. After the conversation, he got into a relaxed state and PhotoRead his class materials. He ate dinner, worked out, and went to bed relaxed. The next day he confidently took his exam and passed. PhotoReading put him at ease and allowed him to prepare mentally for the test.

Before giving a presentation on peripheral development to a technical college supervisory management team, an instructor PhotoRead ten background books. She activated the books using synoptic reading strategies. The presentation went so well that the management team invited her to return as the subject matter expert for another presentation.

An average student PhotoRead a novel for a literature exam and scored 100%.

A PhotoReader was giving a radio interview about PhotoReading. She PhotoRead a book by an author who had just been interviewed. The author asked her specific questions about the book and the PhotoReader spoke in great detail precisely answering the questions.

On another radio show, another PhotoReader PhotoRead a book given to him by the host. She asked him a series of specific and obscure questions from the book, which he answered with pinpoint accuracy surprising the host.

On still another radio show, the astounded host exclaimed after hearing the PhotoReader's answer to a question, "You are almost rereading this page. That is page 97 randomly pulled out of the book. That's exactly what it says there." Later in the show he said, "It sounds like I have the author on."

An executive went from being computer illiterate ("I mean, I barely even type!") to a daily user of his machine by PhotoReading computer books, magazines, and manuals. "After about a month of doing this, I suddenly realized that those stupid machines were starting to make sense!"

A CPA attended a continuing education seminar for her profession. Since she arrived early, she had the luxury of reviewing the handout materials before the presentation. Entering the PhotoFocus state she quietly and quickly reviewed the materials. As the day progressed she realized she had a firm grasp of the subject even though she had not previously studied it. She attributes the immediate comprehension of the material to having PhotoRead the handouts.

The president of a family trucking company attended an Executive MBA program at the pace of 14 credit hours a semester. This program was designed for executives and meet on a full day once each week. While most of the participants spent 20 hours a week with the homework, he averaged about seven hours using the PhotoReading whole mind system. He received a 3.8 average.

A male PhotoReader PhotoRead a couple dozen books on women's health issues over several weeks. He did no structured activation. Several months later his sister-in-law had a hysterectomy after a troubled birth. He surprised himself and his family with the depth of knowledge he had on fibroid tumors and endometriosis, the primary cause of the problems.

A student learned PhotoReading even though he doubted it work for him. He repeated "Notice It, Own It, Play with It, and Stay with it" in his mind. Two weeks before a major exam he realized that he had more reading than time. "I simply could not read all this information by using my regular way of reading, and I saw in this a great opportunity to use the PhotoReading whole mind system... Very often I was tempted to go back to my old ways, but I knew that I did not have the time or freedom to do so." He received an A on the exam, and the teacher wrote these comments: great job, very insightful, excellent.

A 17-year old high school student disliked reading. Now she reads more than ever before. "It's turned my life around."

A young man working in a low paying job dropped out of a masters program because he was barely pulling a C-. His family and commitment to the army reserves left little time for studying. He went back to school after learning PhotoReading and finished his masters program six months a head of the schedule set by the school.

Two friends read novels in front of the fireplace during the evenings while on a skiing vacation. The PhotoReader brought five novels; the other just one.

A computer consultant grabbed a book as he dashed out of his office to a client's site. He later realized he grabbed the wrong book—another book had the solution for the client's problem. While waiting for the client, he opened the book to a seemingly random page, but one that held the solution to the problem. "I had PhotoRead this book a month earlier for no reason. It was like my subconscious had grabbed this book deliberately as I rush out of the office."

A mountain bike rider flies down hills faster, because his field of vision opened up. "I trust my inner knowing. I feel so relaxed, and the bike seems to float over bumps."

A new employee attended a meeting on the first day of her job. She had spent a few minutes PhotoReading reports before the meeting and contributed to the conversation as if she had been working there forever. "The meeting was an activation of the materials. I don't know who as more surprised, me or my new co-workers!"

A man in his thirties with a neurological disorder PhotoRead books at the university's medical library hoping to find clues. He later woke from a nap with an unusual dream. He called his doctor who said, "I hadn't considered that. Let me consult a colleague."

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