The 5 Steps of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System

The PhotoReading technique is part of a greater system, called the PhotoReading whole mind system, which makes it very practical for every day use:


1) The first step of the PhotoReading whole mind system is to prepare by stating a clear purpose and getting into an ideal state of mind for reading.

Too many of us read as if our minds only had one gear. Before we start to read, we should be aware of what we want to find out. It also helps if you have entered a state of mind that switches on the whole mind–you will be able to do that with the amazing Tangerine Technique!


2) Then preview the materials so that your brain learns how to sort the information that will soon be absorbed by PhotoReading.

"Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted," my dad remembers from the navy manuals. It is the same in reading. Using our special preview techniques, your mind lays down a mental grid onto which the data you PhotoRead flows.

Photo read

3) Your brain absorbs information through PhotoReading.

PhotoReading literally teaches you to look at a book differently. You enable your whole mind to absorb information as you flip through your reading material at one page a second.

(Have you noticed how I haven’t used the words speed reading? PhotoReading is nothing like speed reading. Instead of requiring you to move your eyeballs faster, PhotoReading enables you to use your brain more effectively.)

4) In postview, you playfully explore the text to locate areas where you want more detail.

Here you will survey the materials, discover and write down key words or terms that seem important to you, and create questions that you would like to have answered by the author. Your goal is to learn enough about the materials to plan your activation, the final step.

Super read

5) Activation moves you through stages of comprehension, from awareness and familiarity up to knowledge. Various techniques help you process and understand information so that you know it consciously and can use it on a day-to-day basis.

For example, you will Super Read to quickly determine whether a paragraph contains information you want and then dip down to get it. Or Skitter about a page in a dancing-about movement to find what you want.

Another technique, Rapid Reading, facilitates a level of comprehension that surpasses what you could ever get from regular reading.

A beginning PhotoReader can get through a book that now takes you 10 hours to read in just 3 hours. During that 3-hour period you spend only a few minutes PhotoReading. Most of the time is spent in activation so that you fully understand the material. Using the PhotoReading whole mind system you can absolutely get through material three times faster than you can now. And that’s just the beginning!

"Reading had always been a struggle, but life is different now."

- Dave Lambert, Pacific Palisades, California