The secret of PhotoReading...

PhotoReading exposes printed materials to the brain at phenomenal rates, a page a second–all beyond the conscious mind's processing capability, but within the capabilities of the subconscious. Now, reread that sentence to make sure you got it. It is a wild concept. We actually teach you to "mentally photograph" the printed page at 25,000 words per minute. (Remember, you promised to keep an open mind.)

Paul Scheele is an international expert in human performance. His acclaimed work has led to a breakthrough in reading that is easy for anyone to apply. As a matter of fact, as a beginning PhotoReader you will absolutely be able to process and understand any printed material three times faster than you can right now–that's where you will start out!

PhotoReading requires a willingness to explore something different. One of the reasons people in emerging countries such as Hungary and Mexico have embraced PhotoReading is they realize they have to do something different to catch up with other countries. You may be getting by, but to thrive in this new millennium with the deluge of information, you absolutely will have to do something different, otherwise you will be passed by. Think of where you would be today if you had not opened up to the personal computer.

PhotoReading balances a series of reading techniques proven in university studies with the breakthrough technique of "mentally photographing" printed pages. That combination allows you to use the best of your current reading skills, coupled with the best of PhotoReading, to handle your reading needs immediately.

And you can use PhotoReading on all types of material and on all subjects from gardening to geophysics, philosophy to calculus, computer manuals to the morning newspaper.

PhotoReading does not give you a photographic memory nor instant recall of everything. It simply makes printed material faster to process and easier to use.

Learn PhotoReading in a few hours

If you use the self-study course, you will PhotoRead your first book within a few hours. You will even PhotoRead a dictionary, think of any word, and know where it is on the page!

The live weekend class enjoys a 96% success rate, which means virtually everyone can PhotoRead. All you have to do is decide to do it today.



"After PhotoReading a series of books, it is like sitting in front of a panel of experts and being able to shoot questions to them."

- Huy Nguy, Process Development Engineer, 3M, St. Paul, Minnesota