Here are descriptions of the nine meditations from Infinite Grace:


Expansion is inherent to our nature. When our conscious attention is resting quietly in the present moment, the quality of expansion can be readily felt. The impulse of expansion is woven into the energy that creates all form as a way to develop its potential from the inside out. This innate expansion has the potential to uplift, develop, and support every area of life—from personal to national to global—because every area of life has this predisposition at its core.


All existence is made from an intricate, interweaving web of light, and our energy field and physical body are no different. Every state of our being is dependent on a pattern and frequency of energy, and each pattern manifests as light. Consciousness itself is a form of light, and its light reflects the structure of awareness. As we mature in our ability to reside in the higher frequencies of conscious awareness, we increase the power of light to transform, awaken, and enlighten.


The qualities of existence combine in a state of perfect harmony. All forms of being arising from awareness are likewise harmonious. Harmony does not need to be created—it simply needs to be allowed. The more familiar we become with our innate harmony through conscious attention, the more reassured we will be that it is our eternal abiding nature, and the more we will then allow it to manifest on earth through our thoughts, words, and deeds.


Love is awareness in movement. It is the state produced from the combination of expansion, light, and harmony, which make up the nature of awareness. The conscious recognition of our true nature, first perceived in the heart, gives love its association there. However, consciousness continues its journey of awakening long after that first glimpse, until consciousness can see—and experience—the full extent of its true nature. This is the living state of love.


What is the source of beauty? Consciousness recognizes the interplay of expansion, light, and harmony, moved by love, and consciousness records the experience as beauty. Something is beauty-full to us when we see these innate qualities expressed in form. Beauty leaves us inspired, uplifted, transformed—even hushed and reverent. Beauty is a potent reminder of our nature and the origin of all existence.


Reverence is the state we enter into when we meet our true nature. It is the attitude we develop as we deepen the relationship with our being. A profound appreciation and respect overtake us when we realize how beautiful we truly are. We feel the sweetness of that connection. The state of reverence transforms our attitude to self, to being, to life itself. It leaves us humbly grateful.


Wisdom is the understanding of, and alignment with, the innate intelligence of awareness. Wisdom develops when we are in trust, meeting life without fear and doubt. This expansion offers a bird’s eye view, allowing us to discern our full spectrum of frequencies. We recognize that we are the sea of awareness. The integration of this truth generates mature wisdom, which always brings harmonious and beneficial outcomes.


A state of grace is one of complete immersion in sentient awareness. When we enter a state of grace, the illusion of separation is lifted, and consciousness perceives awareness directly. There is no volition to do anything, be anything, or know anything. There is only the all-encompassing experience of receiving the fullness of awareness with nothing held back. The experience impresses itself upon our consciousness as an indelible reminder of how enjoyable just being is. It is a taste of the union that awaits all beings.


Now we have come to the end of our teachings, and we wish to offer you our loving blessings. There is nothing to do and nothing to learn (except to realize how much we love you). We ask that you simply relax and receive, and bask in our warm embrace. May you remember the truth of your being. Wherever you go, our love and blessings go with you.