Embracing Freedom

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Seeds of Enlightenment opens your eyes to the most fundamental knowledge of existence. You are given the structural design for how the universe works, and you experience it while in meditation.

Your next step is Embracing Freedom. Here you will take what you learn in Seeds of Enlightenment and thoroughly apply it to your day to day life. You look at the common causes of slipping into old patterns. You look at the influences that affect you each and every day. You examine elements that restrict the phenomenal abilities you gained in Seeds of Enlightenment, which gives you tremendous freedom, the likes of which you may never have experienced until now.

As you explore the areas covered in Embracing Freedom, you see how deep-rooted assumptions operate under the radar. The deeper the unquestioned assumptions, the harder it is to stay conscious, despite your best intentions. Jeddah will help lift out those deep unconscious patterns so that you can to live without being controlled by the limitations.

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