Recognizing Truth:
Transforming the Five Illusions

In a new 3-DVD series filmed at Jeddah Mali's 2009 summer retreat, you will view five presentations, one for each of the five illusions. Through these insightful and spirited teachings, Jeddah shows you how your thoughts, feelings, and actions take the shape of the five illusions. She explains how to use consciousness as a tool to notice the illusions and to dispel them by bringing in the energetic vibration in which the illusions can no longer exist.

During the five sessions you get insights for turning fear into love, doubt into confidence, struggle into harmony, myth into truth, and individual into universal. Jeddah has an incredible gift for simplifying profound concepts and making them comprehensible and accessible for use in everyday life. You will find the beliefs and guidelines you live by changing and expanding as you listen to and internalize the compelling dialogue in these DVDs.

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Recognizing Truth (DVD)
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Recognizing Truth (Digital)
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Transform fear into love… doubt into confidence…
struggle into harmony… and more…

The idea of enlightenment is tantalizing and alluring. For many, it is an inner calling. Perhaps that's why you became interested in Jeddah Mali's work.

Jeddah points to five key illusions that keep us from recognizing "the truth of our existence." When you acknowledge the five illusions, their powerful hold becomes abundantly clear. It shows up as stress, fear, doubt, struggle, and separation—none of which you want.

The beauty is that you don't have to "work on" the illusions. If you simply recognize truth and bring in its energetic vibration, the five illusions drop away on their own. It then becomes more and more effortless to recognize truth, freeing you up to operate as the sea of awareness in each and every moment.

Why would you want this? To be liberated from the grip of emotions and tensions that you are faced with each day. Intentionally and unintentionally. Lifting this weight is more freeing than you can imagine.

Watch, listen, and you will learn:

  • What happens to us when we are fearful?
  • What happens to fear when we accept that we are awareness?
  • What is it about doubt that causes us to buy into it?
  • When does struggle end?
  • How content are you when you say "Everything is okay"?
  • Is anything really right or wrong?
  • Why do some choices take longer to manifest?
  • Why is there pain in the world?
  • How do you tap a constant, abundant source of energy?

In addition to the five presentations, which are about an hour each, you'll have almost three hours of Questions & Insights. You'll hear Jeddah's answers to some amazing questions asked by retreat participants. Here's a sampling of the questions:

  • How do we reconcile our individual life when it seems incompatible with universal life?
  • How do we remain as the sea of awareness on a daily basis?
  • How do we protect ourselves from hostile environments?
  • Does what manifests in our lives come through personal choice or destiny?
  • Could you lose a child and still not suffer?
  • What is Christ consciousness?
  • Do I have to give up the sense of who I am to achieve oneness?
  • Is karma real?
  • What role does the angelic realm have in the affairs of mankind?
  • How can one best get along with people of differing beliefs?
  • How can one use awareness to guide their vision, intentions, and goals?
  • Is love the only force created by the sea of awareness?
  • Will we again meet loved ones who have gone before us?

Jeddah's new 3-DVD collection, Recognizing Truth: Transforming the Five Illusions, is a treasure. I want to say it presents "the secret to enlightenment," but Jeddah would say, "There's nothing secret about enlightenment. It's our natural state. The five illusions only make it appear as if it is not." But when Jeddah reveals the five illusions to you and tells you how to transform them, you feel as if you are let in on real secrets from a master.

On these DVDs she continues unraveling illusion from awareness, so that you can live as awareness clearly, each moment of every day. Jeddah helps you see life for what it is. She has a beautiful knack for making the mysteries of the universe less mysterious.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"I haven't finished doing Jeddah's meditations that I have. Will these DVDs still be helpful for me?"

The DVDs will definitely inspire and motivate you to do Jeddah's meditations. The DVD collection may be just what you need. Plan on watching the DVDs again after finishing Seeds of Enlightenment, Embracing Freedom, or Pathway to Enlightenment from the teleseminar series.

Recognizing Truth (DVD)
This product or event is no longer available

Recognizing Truth (Digital)
This product or event is no longer available