"Truly amazing and life changing!!!!"

Read what others have experienced with Jeddah Mali’s meditations

"These are the best meditations I have ever listened to. I ordered eight more sets and have been giving them away to friends. I have found myself living more in the 'Now.' Whenever I find myself with a problem, I now know to change my intention and surrender it much more quickly. I was going to South Africa and was concerned about our safety. I used the 'Trust and Surrender' meditation a lot. We had a fabulous, safe, and extraordinary trip. I think this course is absolutely fantastic!"
– Susi Haviland, Verona, Wisconsin

"Now I know what heaven tastes like!"
– Arne Bjellebø, Norway

"I listen to Jeddah Mali's meditations almost every day. While my life is still stressful, I am calmer. I handle 'crises' in my life with more grace and serenity. I was well on my way to a stomach ulcer, but these meditations have helped considerably. I have a better understanding of how the universe works and am finding my way to a happier, more peaceful life. Thank you!"
– Marjorie Anderson, Blandon, Pennsylvania

"I have been in Iraq since the end of 2005 as a civilian contractor. A lot of life-changing events have happened to me that might cause most people to fall apart. Something has always kept pulling me or pushing me to where I need to go. So I keep going no matter what. Lately my mind had been very full of random thoughts, and I was not able to get into a good meditative state. Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me open up my heart again and be a more whole person. I can't thank you enough."
– Josh Carriere, Camp Ramadi, Iraq

"Seeds of Enlightenment has helped me to cope and be at peace with the sudden death of my beloved husband. Experiencing the sea of awareness in a meditative state brings me comfort and serenity."
– Cindy Mackey Nevada City, California

"Before starting Jeddah Mali's course, I had problems at home and work that stressed me. My temper had worsened. I felt anger easily. I became less happy and distanced myself from friends and family. I realized I had to put a stop to it all this. I started to meditate, which I had never done before, and the results are amazing. I am happier, calmer, and less angry, and my friends noticed that I was more friendly and fun to be around—all this from only the second meditation. Thank you for bringing this course to me."
– Ching Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I have been meditating for years. With other meditations, I often got bored and frustrated, as my mind has a difficult time slowing down. Jeddah Mali's meditations allowed me to relax and get to levels I had not gotten to before. I felt an amazing sense of peace and freedom. This is the only meditation set that I completed all the way through, even though sometimes the only time I had was in my car at lunch breaks. I see changes all over my life. My job and coworkers are both more enjoyable and much less stressful than before. At first I thought it was a fluke or a coincidence, but I have a deep knowing now that it is not. My relationship is deeper and happier, where before there was doubt and anger. People have become friendlier and more helpful. I can actually see how my actions and thoughts affect my life, even through the lives of others, where before it was hidden. Where I have changed, I find this change in my world, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!"
– Silvia, Annapolis, Maryland

"If you've had years of spiritual teachings but still sensed that you were missing something, Seeds of Enlightenment will have you walking away saying, 'Aha!'"
– Terese, Marietta, Pennsylvania

"What I enjoyed the most about Seeds of Enlightenment is the effortless learning. It was like I just understood. It made sense, and I didn't have to even open a book. I just sat there relaxing."
– James E. Wadkins, Warsaw, Indiana

"During this course was the first time I achieved a meditative state. Previously it was elusive. Now I can achieve the state easily whenever I want."
– Lance Horne, Canberra, Australia

"Jeddah Mali's meditations take me to cloud nine, and when I am returned back to Earth I feel completely blissed out. I have noticed that I am more sensitive to energy just as when I have spent time practicing Spring Forest Qigong. I can't recommend her program enough to connect with your inner peace."
– David, Albany, New York

"In this time of uncertainty and struggle, I need something to connect me directly to my Source. I am not religious, but I am very spiritual. This course is for people who want that one-on-one experience with this Source! Since using Jeddah Mali's course I have begun to trust more, and it has strengthened my belief in God and in myself. I can't wait to get home to meditate! I have been meditating for 30 years and this is the least boring and the most eventful way I have found so far. I have already referred six people to Jeddah's program—they all love it too!"
– Dr. Nancy Wiley, Lake Worth, Florida

"I first started meditating in 1974. Over the years I've used many different methods, and they've all been valuable, but none provided the enlightened experiences I have with Jeddah Mali's Seeds of Enlightenment. They have definitely helped me experience and cope with changes and challenges outside the meditation sessions with greater skill and confidence and much less stress."
– Liz Crowder, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Jeddah Mali's teachings have deepened my experience into Oneness as never before, despite over 30 years of being a student of conscious awareness and meditation. She is remarkable at explaining the steps so that it becomes a living experience and not just a mental knowing. Jeddah's soothing voice instantly puts me at peace and holds my focus on being totally present. I smile more often now and feel the expansive energetic field beyond meditating."
– Anita D., Tucson, Arizona

"With the help of Jeddah Mali's meditations, I have developed the courage to be present to all the fears I had tried to lock down, to not feel. I had been overwhelmed with not knowing how to solve them and what to do with the discomfort when they came up. Through actually allowing them and facing them in meditation—and letting go of the 'story' that came with them—I've discovered a love and a sweetness I've never known before. Now there is no longing, no sadness, no pain that does not come with sweetness—nothing hurts like it did before. I am no longer afraid to uncover hidden emotions. Life has become incredibly rich, simply in the way it feels. Instead of limits, I feel joy, tenderness, and delight in all of life, and possibility all around me. Instead of putting all my energy into resistance, I'm now free to discover, create, and begin again."
– Jennifer Cochran, Redlands, California

"Jeddah Mali's guidance through her series of meditations is genuine and powerful. Her soothing voice and wisdom have guided me to a deeper sense of calm despite turbulent times. She has enabled me to enjoy insights and intuitive hits that have helped me focus in my business. Seeds of Enlightenment is truly amazing!"
- Pete Winiarski, Simsbury, Connecticut

"Everything Jeddah Mali says and presents seems to open my being to a perspective that is so much more useful than anything I've ever learned or experienced. It's the essence of it all. It feels like this is what I'd been waiting for my whole life."
– Rene Woodley-Dreyer, Cape Town, South Africa

"Seeds of Enlightenment was a gift from heaven. I had just been laid off from work and a little concerned that I should be saving money, but I was so excited that I finally went ahead and ordered the course. With the first meditation I knew I had done the right thing. I cried with joy and gave thanks to God for bringing me to this point in my life where I can finally begin my journey to understanding who I am, with this beautiful lady leading the way. I have read many books and listened to different philosophies, but never before has anyone made such a deep impact upon me as Jeddah Mali has. I want to hear and learn more from her."
– Diana, Miami, Florida

"I have meditated for over 10 years and felt like I had reached a plateau that was not particularly exciting or fulfilling. The very first time I did one of Jeddah Mali's meditations, I felt myself go deeper than I have ever gone. For the first time, I actually experienced those concepts that had thus far eluded me. Specifically, I actually experienced the fact that there is no such thing as physical pain in the present (only the past and the future). This is especially profound for me, because physical pain has been a part of my daily human experience for six years. I actually see the possibility of being able to use these concepts to start having pain-free time outside of my meditations. I also experienced the fact that there is no separation. Even though I have known this to be true, I actually felt with absolute certainty that I am one with God, nature, my family, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."
– Susan MacQuarrie, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I have not been successful on my own trying to meditate and lacked the discipline to stick with it. Jeddah Mali's meditations have brought me to a level of meditating that I had hoped for. I found it quite simple to just follow her words as opposed to trying to keep my mind quiet. I now become extremely relaxed during the meditations and gratefully acknowledge that this state of deep relaxation continues long after the meditation is over. They have greatly enhanced my life spiritually, physically, and emotionally."
– Karen Bell, Bronx, New York

"I am thoroughly enjoying Jeddah Mali's meditation series and would not part with it. It is a much needed lifeline that is helping me get through a difficult period. Jeddah's voice is soothing, the music is awesome, and the information can be applied to every facet of your life."
– Kelli Dawkins Rock Hill, South Carolina

"When I first heard Jeddah Mali speak I felt like I had been transcended to a heavenly place. She speaks in such a gentle, clear, and concise way it makes one want to spend the day meditating and listening to her. I look forward to meditating with her each day and learning more and more."
– Cindi Brigden, Olympia, Washington

"My life changed dramatically with Jeddah Mali's meditations. I am experiencing self awareness, joy, and acceptance more and more every day. It's not like I don't have upsets, I do, but I have tools to manage myself so much better now. I am living more in the moment now, appreciating the beauty of abundance all around me."
– Ursula Walker, San Jose, California

"These are the best meditations I have ever listened to. I ordered eight more sets and have been giving them away to friends. I have found myself living more in the 'Now.' Whenever I find myself with a problem, I now know to change my intention and surrender it much more quickly. I was going to South Africa and was concerned about our safety. I used the 'Trust and Surrender' meditation a lot. We had a fabulous, safe, and extraordinary trip. I think this course is absolutely fantastic!"
– Susi Haviland, Verona, Wisconsin

"These meditations are the most beautiful and workable I have ever found. And I have been meditating for over 40 years. Jeddah Mali is a gift from heaven."
– Mamdouh Fahmy, Switzerland.

"Jeddah Mali creates a rich and immediate experience of expansion with all of the meditations. I listen every day, especially when I start to sense myself shutting down. I open up again upon listening and can put myself there without playing the recordings by cueing myself with a word and hand gesture I associate with each meditation. These are the most immediate and supportive meditations I have ever had the good fortune to come across."
– Amber Ashland, Oregon

"When I first listened to Jeddah Mali, I was simply amazed at the depth and sincerity in her voice. It was like listening to an angle or a spirit guide from another dimension! The meditations are deeply soothing and very relaxing. I know that whoever decides to enter into this 'Seeds of Enlightenment' journey will be truly transformed."
– Will Jeffries, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"I want to thank you for these beautiful meditations. By meditating on the throat chakra, issues connected to it appear more strongly in my life, with the possibility of dealing more consciously with them and overcoming them. Already during the meditation, blockages in the throat are dissolving. Thank you for your time and for the love you are sending to all of us."
-- Blessings, Ursula

"Hello and thank you for being you! I have meditation experience, but at the beginning I had an issue staying
awake with my practices. I found some serious mineral imbalances affecting my adrenals/thyroid and metabolism. I am grateful I am on the road to absolute recovery. And now I stay awake! I am remembering to bring awareness to my daily experience….I feel expansion and lightness. My objective is to know my Real Self and walk through my life from that place. Praise God for your excellent ability to share your gifts
and teachings!"

-- Grateful for you, Sue Kowalczyk, Ohio

"Your gift is truly amazing and life changing!!!! What an incredible message you give. Thanks for providing the avenue for our human and spiritual growth. You make me smile!"
-- Cindy Morgan

"Thank you very much for these wonderful meditations!! You are a true blessing in my life. With the activations of the base and emotional chakras, the pain that was sitting in my lower back for a year has disappeared. This feels great, and I want to thank you with all my heart."
-- Lots of love, Nora

"You have been my saving grace in my quest for the truth. Ever since I began this course my life has changed drastically, especially with relationships."
-- Thank you for your time and concern, Bianca

"An enormous thank you for changing my life and the folks around me affected by my expansive energy. How incredible. You make me laugh and smile. I want to be more Jeddah-like when I grow up! I am almost 60, but I get younger every day!"
-- Cindy

"This series is outstanding!!! You are putting my beliefs into the most exquisite words and assisting me in deepening and more effectively activating my beliefs about who I am."
-- Hugs, Connie

"Thank you for making this course available. You truly have a gift for illuminating the truth in such a simple and beautiful way. Thank you again for being you and for the love and light that you’re sharing."
-- Judy