How You Might Look Energetically

When people who work with energy, such as Jeddah Mali, Chunyi Lin, and Marie Diamond, look at your energy, they will see much more than just the physical body. They see your entire energy field. Your energy field is the full spectrum of energies, colors, and textures surrounding and including the physical body. When you are energetically open and balanced, your energy has a healthy flow, looking like the one in the illustration.

When your energy is not open and flowing, it could look dramatically different. Maybe your energy does not reach six feet all around. Maybe the colors are muted or some colors are missing. Maybe one or more of the layers appear thin. There may even be dark patches representing energy blockages.

Principally there is only one cause for blockages. It is our internal attitude to ourselves and life. Our attitude is the engine that drives our experience. When it is out of balance with the design of existence, a shutting down takes place and blockages set in. This leads to a host of physical, mental, and emotional disorders.

It could be that you have physical issues such as low blood pressure, diabetes, or disease. It could be that you have addictions with tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or that you overeat or under exercise. It could be that you feel emotionally overwhelmed, or you feel afraid, anxious, angry, or apathetic. Maybe you have obsessive thoughts. It could be that the energy of your environment is putting undue pressure on you, and you are stressed. Whatever the symptoms, it comes down to a lack of flow in your energy field. Because your physical, emotional, and mental health is the result of what is happening in your energy field, what affects the energy field impacts your whole experience of life. This is why it is important to learn how to manage your own energy system.

When you do the eight meditations of Seeds of Enlightenment, your energy will change. Gifted people who can see your aura will see significant shifts in the colors, textures, and other aspects of your energy. Those around you will notice changes in your behaviors, your way of being, your responses to what happens in life, and how they feel in your presence. You will feel more calm, physically healthier and vibrant, and more able to be creative or solve problems.

When your energy begins to look like that in the illustration, you will be functioning at optimum levels helping you to feel great. When you explore the invisible world you will see that what you encounter as a human here on earth is a mere fraction of what is available to you. And the healthier you are energetically, the easier and more rewarding the exploration.