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Aura Seeing
Experience the luminous world beyond ordinary sight through training your eyes to see subtle energy and opening your third eye.

Changing the Paradigm
Changing the Paradigm, featuring Seeds of Enlightenment, Infinite Grace, and Embracing Freedom will help you find, develop, and use your internal compass to navigate through life successfully, no matter the challenges. In this unique method of teaching through meditation, you are guided through a series of explorations of your being, helping you make a welcomed, lasting, and enlightening shift in your life.

Diamond Dowsing
Use the ancient secrets of energy dowsing to transform your life. This DVD course gives you step-by-step instructions to use your dowsing rods to neutralize stressed energy and amplify positive energy in your environment.

Diamond Feng Shui
Change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results in your success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Diamond Quantum Colors
Marie Diamond shows you how to use 24 specific colors as energetic codes to access the quantum energy underlying all things in the universe. With this information you will be able to more easily manifest ultimate success, health, relationships, and wisdom.

Diamond Hexagrams
Marie Diamond shows you how energetic influences have been working on you day in and day out. You'll also learn what options are available to your specific home or workplace and how to exercise the options quickly and easily.

Four Elements Manifestation
Comprehensive and practical, it leads you through a fascinating array of Western esoteric techniques and hermetic practices to transform your life. It’s designed to help manifestation of your ideal life become second nature for you.


Morning Five Minutes
Would you like the perfect way to begin your day? Something that takes very little time or thinking, virtually no effort, but really sets up your day to deliver what you want from it? It's here, and it is yours. It is called the Morning Five Minutes. Simply push play, close your eyes, and relax.

Pure Energy
Just 5 minutes of the new "Pure Energy" can have a huge, noticeable effect on your success, relationships, and health.

Pure Energy
Just 5 minutes of the Radiance Pure Energy can have a huge, noticeable effect on your success, relationships, and health.

Receiving Bliss
Teachings, practices, energetic karma clearings, and “Radiance” meditations similar to those in Pure Energy . The entire experience is designed to open a heart space and reveal the highest expression of who you are.

Sonic Access
Instantly transform your energy patterns to manifest your deepest desires using this new sound frequency technology.

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons in four extended Paraliminal meditation sessions.

Spiritual Codes
Your pathway through life is guided by a set of energy vibrations Marie Diamond calls the "Spiritual Codes." When you know your Spiritual Codes, you understand your innate drive. You uncover a deep understanding of your life leading to great professional rewards and immense personal satisfaction.

Spring Forest Qigong
Use your mind to eliminate pain and sickness from your body while giving you more energy.