Success Stories


We've sprinkled in stories of how people use our programs to experience their make their lives improve their success, health, relationships, and growth. We hope you end up writing us to share your story!

The beauty of our programs shines through people like you who use them to reach into any corner of their lives. As you read what they say, think of how you can spruce up, kick into gear, or transform yourself! When you buy a program from Learning Strategies you can count on consistency, superb direction, practical coaching, and an approach to life that might just vibrate through every cell of your body.


Radiance Reset
"After a long and unusually warm day I came home exhausted... right away I tried the 'Radiance Reset'. The result was really astonishing! My energy was back. Normally I would be so tired that I just don't like to eat, but after listening I jumped on my bike to get me some ingredients for a fresh and healthy salad. I prepared it with pleasure, and enjoyed the meal. The rest of the evening I kept a deep feeling of radiance from a source deep within me. Amazing!!!"
– Caroline Welman, The Netherlands
Focus Reset
"I needed to challenge myself and listened to 'Focus'. I had specific 'chores' I had put off all summer. In just a few days after listening I had decluttered several rooms, completed a long to-do list before my trip, organized personal growth activities to be used while away, and packed a day early (usually last minute). The 'Focus Reset' was very helpful in a very short time."
– Cherel Wayte, Redding, California
Adventurous Reset
"This is amazing! I love the mood I'm in after every session, and it lasts throughout the rest of my day."
- Ken Nuehs, Austin, Texas
Radiance Reset
"I read an email from my toxic sister-in-law. What a downer. I felt so sorry and sad for her. I then used the 'Radiance Reset', and my mood shifted immediately. I love it!"
– Kris S., Minnesota
Calm Reset
"My favorite Reset is 'Calm' with all the challenges facing my daily life at the current time it brings me such emotional and spiritual peace within."
– Anonymous

Future Mapping

Renovation of hotel guest rooms resulted in a 90% occupancy rate increase
"Six months after I made a Future Mapping chart, I had my hotel rooms renovated. I created a space concept that no other hotels have. Since then, the occupancy rate has been constantly above 90%." 
– Mr. Takuji KANEKO, Owner of Green Core Hotels
A restaurant hops with a new concept
"Four months after drawing a Future Mapping chart, I opened a restaurant with a new concept. From Day One, I had a long line of customers. I was able to create a business model that substantially increased gross margins and new customers."
– Yuki TAN, Corporate Executive of Daitan Group
Bestselling author
"I was hoping to be a popular speaker, but publishing was a dream. Six months after drawing a Future Map, I was asked to publish a book with Japan's leading business press. The book was published, and instantly become a best seller (No1 in Amazon!) . Public schools have asked me to give lectures. Even before my book came out, I became a popular speaker."
Elementary schools have adopted Future Mapping method
The mechanism of Future Mapping is so simple it has been adopted in elementary schools in Japan. Let's look at some of the stories coming from schools.
Best results in 11 years at a national table tennis competition
A table tennis club had to reduce their training after the 2011 earthquake. After adopting Future Mapping, they ranked 7th at the national championship for third and fourth graders. This was the best result for the club in eleven years.
A child with severe mental disabilities created a story filled with high-level metaphors
Although it was assumed that a severely autistic child could not have any abstract thinking, he was able to draw a Future Map for graduating students. The story was filled with complex metaphors you would expect from renowned novelists or poets. The assumptions about mental disabilities were reversed.
Nine-year-olds planned and
held an athletic event
9-year-old children drew an action scenario to successfully hold an athletic event. They looked at the map every day and independently solved problems when there were delays in practice or teamwork issues.
4th graders made a long-term solution for a trash problem
Students discussed environmental issues in class. Although they were not used to problem-solving, Future Mapping allowed them to generate a long-term solution process that even adults would not have come up with.

Abundance for Life

Susan Turnbull of Albuquerque, New Mexico made $12,000 in a month
"I came here with enough money to live on for two weeks. I managed to manifest the jobs necessary to get me into a beautiful apartment, pay the deposits on utilities, etc. This in itself had been a miracle. I looked in my checkbook and within the first 8 weeks I had manifested over $6000."

"But, even with that I still needed a vehicle. Today, out of the blue, someone I work with was posting a notice on an employee board at work. He had a Dodge Dakota truck, extended cab, in perfect condition and was asking a whopping $700 for the truck -- just wanted to get rid of it since he bought a new vehicle."

"I asked him if he would take two checks (in between my payday checks) and he said no problem. It just dropped into my lap."

Then, we heard from her again a year later: "After that last email, I intuitively felt drawn to an ad to go to work at a place that I knew was well below my potential and experience. "

"They wanted me for a sales position after the first of the year and knew they needed to create something for me until then. Well, this position paid me $8000 in three weeks time -- catching up on all my bills and getting me through Christmas."

"Last month my commissions were in excess of $12,000. I boosted the market share of the business from 30% to over 50%."

"I was able to purchase a new car last February and finally able to get the few things I really wanted and had put off purchasing."

"The most exciting thing for me was becoming a personal coach and doing it part time. I have 'found' coaching clients that put another $1500 per month into my savings account. Which by the way -- -- I haven't had a savings account in over 10 years."

"I intentionally and purposely set out to raise my credit score and was just notified by a service that monitors my credit score that it has jumped 50 points in the last 6 months."

"I have been estranged from my younger two daughters and in the last 6 months we have begun speaking and working on our relationship again -- this was of the utmost importance since one daughter had a baby in the last year and the youngest daughter is pregnant with her first. I wanted a relationship with the babies and it is now happening."

"There are many other things that have manifested too numerous to mention here. And I continue to see and experience monumental miracles each and every day. It's like I'm wearing a new skin."

Rob and susieRob G. of Greenwich, Connecticut found love
"I didn't use my course to attract money. I used it to bring someone special into my life."

"I had gotten out of a string of meaningless relationships with women, some down right unhealthy. I got the Abundance for Life program to turn my life around in general (I had a dead end job, no plans for the future, or money, etc.). But what I really wanted in my life more than anything was an awesome girlfriend to share life with. So I followed the course, one CD at a time, and did the exercises as instructed."

"I did the program for about 3 months, and focused my thoughts on this special woman. I didn't do anything different in my life to go out of my way to meet someone. I kept my daily routine. But I just believed in my head and imagined whatever I was doing she was there too."

"One day at work my boss told me he hired a new employee that we needed. He told me 'you'll like her.' "

"A week later this new employee started, and my boss wasn't joking. She was BEAUTIFUL, exactly like I pictured for my girlfriend. I freaked out because the Abundance for Life program seemed to work TOO GOOD. I was actually a little scared by it. Then I introduced myself, and it turned out we had a lot in common."

"That was well over a year ago. Everything between us is still good. We love each other very much. We both agree we can't believe we found each other, because she always wanted to meet someone just like me. It really does seem to be one of those too good to be true stories. I was always skeptical of those testimonials where people made millions of dollars. But I guess if you really desire to be a millionaire and set your mind to it, it's possible. I wasn't that interested in making millions of dollars, I was interested in meeting someone to get through life with, happily, money or no money."

"The course does work. It kept me positive, directed and motivated. It helped me clearly define what I really want in life. Believe it or not, what you think you want may not really be what you want. So this is my 'it sounds too good to be true' testimonial for the Abundance for Life course, but I swear it's 100% true."

Aaron Goldman of Toronto, Ontario adds $1.2 million
"Since I started the Abundance for Life series, here are highlights of things I have manifested. "A spontaneous idea created the ability to completely wipe out over $600,000 of personal debt and manifested a method for my parents to increase their incomes by 40 percent while greatly increasing my material wealth."

"I renegotiated a lease to bring a $650,000 tax advantage to the seller and dropped the price to my company from $825,000 to $400,000, a $425,000 savings."

"A television series we just began has magically become much easier to do as artists we wanted in the series are appearing three and four at a time in one venue where we pay less than 25 percent of what we budgeted to film one artist."

"An important relationship that seemed to be at an end has become more loving, joyful, sensuous and committed than it had been at its (earlier) pinnacle -- it keeps getting better every day."

"We have been offered an opportunity to take over a financially self-- sufficient retreat property with housing for all of the people I would like to surround myself with a beautiful, well-- lit country house with a great kitchen and bathrooms (and a stone well in the middle of the kitchen that is still in use and in great working order), A SWEAT LODGE THAT IS USED REGULARLY, a swimming pool with cabana, artists studios, multiple guest cottages, a huge garden, soccer fields of lawn that is maintained in an effort -- and -- cost-free arrangement with a neighboring farmer, etc. This opportunity has just fallen into our laps in a way that will facilitate the realization of many of our business and personal goals in one move."

"Out of the blue, the money required to renovate an investment property arrived right at the time I needed it."

"After seven years of frustrated effort, my directing career has now launched with virtually no effort with the shooting of the first three episodes of our thirteen -- part series. My two greatest mentors in my career were part of my crew and have given me very encouraging feedback on the results of the production."

"Parties interested in partnering with us on the development of a television license we control have approached us -- they are very well financed."

"We have discovered that we are insured for very extensive losses we incurred in a production we undertook for another company who elected not to pay their full bill."

"It's difficult to tally all of the above but safe to say that the positive shift on my overall balance sheet that has occurred over the last few months far exceeds $1.2M. On the personal side, as a friend and mentor put it today: "Lisa is the best thing that could ever happen to you and with her at your side, you will always be rich."

Michael Seelye of Calgary, Alberta no longer wants to sleep the day away
"Prior to using the course I often felt like I was 'putting in time' in my life; no goals and no direction. Since using the course my relationship with my wife and others has become much smoother. For the first time in my life I've been able to set goals. I am letting go of beliefs that stood in the way of me accepting myself and others of me."

"Today I have much more energy available to me and I find myself spontaneously doing things I had previously not had the energy to do for a long time (such as guitar and piano playing, qigong, and study of NLP). The course and daily meditation are helping me to open up to possibilities in my life. Previously I had wakened in the morning and wanted to go back to sleep rather than do what I was 'supposed' to. These days I wake up wondering what possibilities the day will bring, and KNOWING the possibilities are endless."

"One year later he wrote back to say: "Every day is fun. I'm excited about the possibilities and enjoying every minute. I'm finally finding the time to do the things I want. The course has been a great help in my life."

Aura Seeing

"I don't even know where to begin with Brian, he was just phenomenal! So full of invaluable information and so very patient. The questions from all of us did not stop, even on breaks. It seemed like Brian was talking nonstop the entire weekend. Never once did he make anyone feel like their question was irrelevant or a nuisance, and his answers were all so well thought out, enlightening, and sincere. Just being in his presence was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Thank you so much, Learning Strategies, for this life-changing experience!"
-- Kat Bennett

"I really can wholeheartedly recommend Brian and Aura Seeing. Brian's depth of knowledge of his topic and his skill as a presenter are outstanding."
-- David Marshall

"I bought red roses the next day. They are on my dining room table. I sit and gaze at them daily, thrilling at the amazing aural colors, energy, and life in these cut flowers. It is such a joy! This is now in my life because of Brian and Aura Seeing - and this is just the start!"

"Brian is a fascinating teacher. Through this course, and through hearing Brian's personal journey of transformation, I learned that 'seeing' involves much more than just auras. It is a new way of understanding life. There is so much yet to see!"
-- Nancy F.

Boundless Renewal

"Like many women my age, I have read a lot of self -- help books in my 40 plus years. Many of them I have never finished because I have gotten sidetracked with other things or their effectiveness did not live up to my expectations. Many of them are so redundant and stop short of guiding the reader. This has not happened to me with Boundless Renewal. It is a program that I repeatedly come back to because it prompts me to continually ask the question, 'What do you think about this today?' I can quickly go back to specific segments of the program and review and modify my previous insights and answers. "

"Over the few months of starting and stopping the program before I completed it the first time, I found myself repeatedly feeling like slapping my forehead wondering why I stopped in the first place. As I went through the program, a major insight was how I allow external things in my life to take precedence over what is deeply important to me."

"The flowers are amazing. It had never dawned on me to stop to look at how the whole universe can be found in the inside world of flowers. Bernie's photographs allow me to see things I would never have known are there, a reminder to keep observing all the worlds around me. It is empowering to notice the details that surround me on a daily basis. Boundless Renewal keeps pulling me back to what is important with a continuously fun and energizing pathway."
-- Catherine Morrison

"It feels like the time in seventh grade when I walked out of the optometrist's office with glasses. For the first time, I could see the individual leaves on trees and didn't perceive them as a green blur. I will never forget that feeling of being partially blind and then being able to see! That's what Boundless Renewal did for me. It's like I am seeing the world through a different lens."
-- P. Strickland

Clear Mind ~ Bright Future

"As I went through this course, I was able to really define and put into 'black and white' solid plans to accomplish my thoughts, dreams, and desires. It was awesome to h ave the audio portions to help facilitate the visualizations. I am looking forward to continuing to check my progress over the next six months to a year. Thanks for helping me define a course of ACTION."
-- Cheryl Hight

Diamond Feng Shui

"My net worth doubled in nine months."
-- CK in Oostende, Belgium

"Marie checked the plan of our construction site, because every weekend materials were stolen. She asked us to fence one third of the one side and leave the rest open. That did not make sense, because the thieves could still come in through the open field. But they never came back."
-- KH in Antwerp, Belgium

"We are both actors, and we'd had no offers, not even an audition, since moving into our new house. Within a day of using Diamond Feng Shui the first call for an audition came in. We decided to find a house with all -- around better Feng Shui, and we are doing very well both career -- wise and as a family."
-- CO in Malibu, California

"We used Diamond Feng Shui on our 5-star hotel in a small European town. Net income rose more than 40% in the first year. We are now always fully booked."
-- Client who prefers to remain completely anonymous

"Within a month of changing this one thing, my flame came into my life. We married a few months later!"
-- Moriyah Singh Chahal, Los Angeles, California

"We had many fights in our relationship. Everything was always good between us when we were downstairs, but the moment we went upstairs and crawled into bed, we started arguing. Of course our love life was really difficult. Immediately after using Diamond Feng Shui in our bedroom we became lovey-- dovey again."
-- JM in Belgium

"We have a fashion wholesale business. Marie Diamond came in and told us in which corner of the shop we always sold a lot of clothes and in which corner we didn't. She was completely right! She gave us the Feng Shui cures and opened the flow of energy in our business. People started going to the place in our shop where before they had never gone and started buying. After nine weeks we increased our business 40%."
-- MM in Brussels, Belgium

"Marie came to my house. The first thing she said while standing in the front door was, 'You are very lonely, and you like wine too much.' She was right. Immediately after using Diamond Feng Shui an old boyfriend came back to me, new work proposals came my way, and I feel much better."
-- HB, Beverly Hills, California

"Since I moved with my partner into a new home, passion drained from our romantic life. We made one Diamond Feng Shui change and the romance instantly changed. Now I'm making changes for my career."
-- Client who wants to remain anonymous

EasyLearn Languages

-- Pamela Rand

"Very crisp & clean pronunciation."
-- Dr. Charles Reineit

"Pleasant, useful, and relaxing."
-- Lynn Dhorty

-- Terry Wyler Webb

"Using the language seems completely natural. No stress, but an intense desire to listen again."
-- Peter Kline


"I just received Euphoria! yesterday, and listened to Paul's Paraliminal recording; I must have fallen asleep, but woke up feeling positively blissful, wonderful, and yes, euphoric. I listened to the Paraliminal session again before going to sleep last night, and felt the same calm and peacefulness. Life seems so busy and stressful these days. If this program can make me feel this way, I am hooked. Thank you."
-- from an email

"About a month ago I bought the Euphoria! product. Even though I listened to all of the sessions I now feel the positive effect alone from just listening to the Paraliminal session."
-- Jokodus from our Discussion Forum

"I've found it to be simple, yet an effective way to release unwanted or negative feelings."
-- Sandy from our Discussion Forum

"I'll pull out Trinidad Hunt's visualization when I feel overwhelmed. It's actually my favorite piece on the whole course."
-- from an email

"I just got Euphoria! You have to know that 3 - 1/2 years ago I injured my rotator cuff. I listened to the Qigong session, and I had sort of a negative attitude. But I noticed the next day after that my shoulder wasn't hurting any more. That was about a week ago, and it is still not bothering me. I think people need to know that this stuff really works."
-- from a voice mail message

"Each session is very different but complementary to the over all theme of Euphoria! For me, the Sikes session was the most interesting and expanding. It's worth the $$$ to own it."
-- Margaret from our Discussion Forum

Four Powers for Greatness

"I've asked my staff to listen to Four Powers. We're in the commodities investment management business and our communication skills, especially for listening and reading, must be top-notch. Four Powers For Greatness is an all-around great course: quick, thorough, and well organized."
-- Peter Kordell, Slipka Trading Company

"I was surprised at the quality of the content in Four Powers. It is a thorough resource."
-- James Sorensen, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thanks so much for allowing me to be one of the first to receive Dr. Michael Bennett's course, Four Powers for Greatness...WOW! As you know, I am a strong advocate for ongoing personal development. You'll rarely find me in my car without an expert teaching me some new tip and technique for achieving my personal and business goals. But the Four Powers for Greatness Personal Learning Course is just what I needed...a condensed course on the most valuable strategies anyone can use to imiprove all their human communications. I simply don't have time to hunt down all the best books and courses on each of the "four powers for greatness." And now I don't  have to...thanks!

You have a real winner here. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities."
-- Richard M. Roop, President, Bottom Line Results, Inc.

Genius Code

"The Genius Code is by far the fastest road from being an unconscious incompetent to an unconscious competent. In less than nine days of using it, I have received tremendous benefits. Here are just some of them:

"My dreams have become actual instruction manuals of what I need to do to succeed.

"I have been given answers to problems that have been holding me back.

"My inner mind has prompted me to take action at the right moment that has had great payoff.

"I have instantaneously 'acquired' new behaviors simply from the Photoreading exercises laid out in the course.

"I have been able to absorb information like a sponge.

"This is by far one of the most incredible 'learning' programs I have ever come across. I say 'learning,' because it really doesn't require much study. You just follow the instructions and you have an automatic understanding of the information. Keep up the great work."
-- Derek Foley

"I believe that I have reached a new awareness and wanted to thank you so much for helping me help others in finding the right solutions. You probably receive many Emails. I'm convinced that if this program is taught in schools in the earlier years the results would be an enhanced society and overall better world. Paul Scheele you are my hero!"
-- Trevor Wiebe

Genius Mind

"A rock concert of mental potential."
-- T. Harv Eker, author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Changing the Paradigm

"These are the best meditations I have ever listened to. I ordered eight more sets and have been giving them away to friends. I have found myself living more in the 'Now.' Whenever I find myself with a problem, I now know to change my intention and surrender it much more quickly. I was going to South Africa and was concerned about our safety. I used the 'Trust and Surrender' meditation a lot. We had a fabulous, safe, and extraordinary trip. I think this course is absolutely fantastic!"
-- Susi Haviland, Verona, Wisconsin

"I listen to 'Changing the Paradigm' meditations almost every day. While my life is still stressful, I am calmer. I handle 'crises' in my life with more grace and serenity. I was well on my way to a stomach ulcer, but these meditations have helped considerably. I have a better understanding of how the universe works and am finding my way to a happier, more peaceful life. Thank you!"
-- Marjorie Anderson, Blandon, Pennsylvania

"I have been meditating for years. With other meditations, I often got bored and frustrated, as my mind has a difficult time slowing down. 'Changing the Paradigm' meditations allowed me to relax and get to levels I had not gotten to before. I felt an amazing sense of peace and freedom. This is the only meditation set that I completed all the way through, even though sometimes the only time I had was in my car at lunch breaks. I see changes all over my life. My job and coworkers are both more enjoyable and much less stressful than before. At first I thought it was a fluke or a coincidence, but I have a deep knowing now that it is not. My relationship is deeper and happier, where before there was doubt and anger. People have become friendlier and more helpful. I can actually see how my actions and thoughts affect my life, even through the lives of others, where before it was hidden. Where I have changed, I find this change in my world, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!"
-- Silvia, Annapolis, Maryland

"In this time of uncertainty and struggle, I need something to connect me directly to my Source. I am not religious, but I am very spiritual. This course is for people who want that one-on-one experience with this Source! Since using the course I have begun to trust more, and it has strengthened my belief in God and in myself. I can't wait to get home to meditate! I have been meditating for 30 years and this is the least boring and the most eventful way I have found so far. I have already referred six people to the program—they all love it too!
– Dr. Nancy Wiley, Lake Worth, Florida

"The teachings have deepened my experience into Oneness as never before, despite over 30 years of being a student of conscious awareness and meditation. She is remarkable at explaining the steps so that it becomes a living experience and not just a mental knowing. The soothing voice instantly puts me at peace and holds my focus on being totally present. I smile more often now and feel the expansive energetic field beyond meditating."
– Anita D., Tucson, Arizona

Memory Optimizer

"Mrs. Birkenbihl is super and fascinating. A lot of information, very very interesting."
-- Dr. Petra Labroisse

"New possibilities; new information brought in a way that I can use it. Many thanks."
-- Christina Obermuller

"Very informative. My expectations exceeded."
-- Doris Wurth

"Very interesting, easy to follow and it spoke to me. Mrs. Birkenbihl is cool."
-- Annette Linder

Million Dollar Vocabulary

"Right from side A of the first session, I can sense this is a most worthwhile course. A feeling for strong words is a part of my personal power. People who can use vocabulary speak from a position of respect. I'm not out to impress anyone, but rather to express myself clearly."
-- Margaret from our Discussion Forum

"The Million Dollar Vocabulary Course has helped me to become even more interested in words.

The effect of the vocab Paraliminals is so powerful that you actually feel that you are learning. The word that I used when I started using Million Dollar Vocabulary was an "explosion" of learning. The first week during use, I found myself hesitating less when I was looking for the right word. Honestly, I felt that my speech was more fluent."
-- Grant from our Discussion Forum

"I too have the Paraliminal Million Dollar Vocabulary course by Dr. J. Michael Bennett. It has proved to be a very valuable resource."
-- Tuna Tuna Tuna from our Discussion Forum

"I just got the Million Dollar Vocabulary course...holy cow! I didn't know my vocabulary was that bad until I started going through the course. Finally something useful to listen to on the bus."
-- Client who wants to remain anonymous

Natural Brilliance

"Thanks a million for Natural Brilliance. It is responsible for my recent success-- three of the most profitable months ever. Natural Brilliance helped me break out of being stuck."
-- Joe Markovich, D.C.

"Two months after I learned the Natural Brilliance steps I was standing at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. My legs shook with fear at the challenge ahead. I took a few breaths, took a good look at what I was doing, worked out that the root fear was not being warm enough on the summit, rented a pair of windproof trousers there and immediately calmed down. The 20,000 feet climb ahead of me went without any fear or trepidation."
-- Chris Payne

"Never in my wildest dreams did I expect an exploration of stuck states via Natural Brilliance to reveal the major oscillation in my life. Natural Brilliance made apparent what had been transparent for decades. It revealed relationships among tangled feelings, attitudes, and actions. I've experienced an immediate reduction of mountains into molehills, if the occasional insight is a shooting star, Natural Brilliance sets the stage for a meteor shower."
-- Bart Windrum

"Problems instantly ceased to be problems—it's been months since learning the steps of Natural Brilliance and the effects still hold. Now, when an obstacle comes up, many times it automatically and instantly vaporizes. If it doesn't, I can follow a simple four-- step process to clear it right away. With this tool, I am convinced I now have a strong foundation from which I can successfully respond to whatever challenges life presents, without falling back into old reactive patters."
-- H. Caegan Patterson, Ph.D.


DeAngela Rhines from Miami, Florida, writes, "From day one, I immediately noticed a change within myself. I feel so confident, unconquerable, and unlimited. Like I can accomplish anything! And, my inner self -- doubt and fear of failure have actually disappeared. It is truly amazing!"

Harry Lyon from Yorkshire, England, writes, "I am extremely delighted with the sessions I have received from your company, especially Deep Relaxation which made me feel as if I was on a very relaxing holiday. (Utter bliss) I consider the Paraliminals to be the Rolls -- Royce of audio programs and the best that money can buy."

"I have always had problems trying to lose weight. I have tried every diet on the market but I never could stay motivated long enough to see them really work. But that really changed after I started listening to Ideal Weight. My motivation was rebuilt and I stayed resolute to my diet, but best of all I found myself making healthy choices without thinking about it. I have lost 15 pounds and feel a renewed sense of energy about myself. It really helped me to envision the person I could become. I am going to use more of the Paraliminals to work on becoming stronger in other areas of my life. Thank you Paul Scheele -- you are a gift to us all."
-- Naomi, Houston, TX

"For as long as I can remember, it has always been a big ordeal for me to get myself out of bed in the morning. I recently started listening to 10--Minute Supercharger every day when I get home from work, and I've noticed that now when the alarm goes off the next day I simply choose to get up, without all the struggle and hitting the snooze repeatedly. This is a very welcomed change."
-- T. Chamberlain, Santa Fe, NM

"I started listening to my first set of Paraliminals two weeks before starting a bench trial. Normally, I physically and mentally tighten before and during trials, which is less than ideal. The Paraliminals were an important part of my preparation, and I stayed cool, calm, confident, and focused throughout the trial. The result was a favorable verdict."
-- Louis G., Oklahoma City, OK

"I'm planning on joining the U.S. Navy, and I listened to Personal Genius prior to taking the ASVAB test. I scored a 99 on the test. That means that I placed in the top 1% of all those who had taken that test. The test proctor told me that it was basically a perfect score. My recruiter had never seen anyone get a 99. I believe Personal Genius helped get me in the right frame of mind to take the test. I'm sure I wouldn't have done so well had I not listened to it."
-- Phil G., Santa Maria, California


"The customer wants me to know everything"
"I spend a good deal of my time reading computer industry publications to keep current with new information, not to mention the reams of technical manuals for new products that are constantly being released to the market. One customer requested that I take a look at one of their systems I had never seen. I had no experience whatsoever with the software. They wanted me to give it a try anyway, so I asked them for manuals and a brief description of the problem. After dropping 2000 pages of documentation in my lap, they chuckled and jokingly said 'have it done in 30 minutes.' I PhotoRead the documentation in 20 minutes, spent 10 minutes with the software program, and fixed the problem on the spot! PhotoReading gives me the edge to stay a step ahead in an industry that's overflowing with information."
-- Kirk Klobe, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Improve sports performance
"I used the fascinating Direct Learning part of PhotoReading that can be used to improve skills. I PhotoRead a golf instructional book 18 times over six days and improved my game by 23%! All total I spent 90 minutes PhotoReading. I've never played so well."
-- John Doorbar, Landenberg, Germany

Improve your grades in school, and increase confidence
"I researched and wrote a report in two hours and received a 92%. PhotoReading is opening me to books and subjects I ordinarily would not read, because I now have the confidence to understand and use the material. It is a far cry better than the old method."
-- Chelsa Brown, Sunderland, Maryland

"The DVDs just arrived today...have been watching them for over an hour and a half."
"These are the type of DVDs that make you WANT to watch on...extremely well done Learning Strategies."
"It is so clearly evident that there was much positive energy during the Retreat...I can understand why Learning Strategies picked Results Supercharger for the title."
-- Michael Saikali from our Discussion Forums

"I am extremely pleased with the amount of material they included. After I got back from the Retreat I always thought I had poorly taken notes. The DVDs are so much more complete than any notes I could have taken. I've only watched the first one, and I can't wait to watch the rest."
-- fritz10000000 from our Discussion Forums

"Have you tried the Results Supercharger? I bought it, and it has lit a fire in me. It has allowed me to let go of old reading habits. I would recommend it. After I watched it, I photoread six computer technical manuals. It helped me clear up some of my weaknesses. I have had problems with setting a clear purpose, and activating. It has shown me that the level of purpose I set will equal the level of activation I will receive."
-- NeoZon from our Discussion Forums


"I was the first person called"
Tom Kelley was the corporate VP of Human Resources for a 5.5 billion dollar savings and loan that was taken over by the Resolution Trust.

"In essence I reported to the Chairman of the Board one day and the next day to the Managing Agent of the Resolution Trust. I responded by being proactive and writing a new strategic plan for my department that night. I was the first person called to the new Managing Agent's office. I was ready and established immediate credibility with the new leader versus going into shock and dismay and becoming emotional and reactive."
"Al has truly taught me the importance of resiliency."

"It has allowed me to enjoy continued success while many of my peers are floundering"
Marilyn Trinkle writes, "A down economy can make for challenging times at the workplace. Layoffs, strapped budgets, constantly changing job descriptions and overwhelmed workers are only the tip of the iceberg.

"As a sales and marketing executive I've had my share of workplace strain in the past several years. I often remember and put into practice something that I gleaned from Al's teachings. He encouraged me to resist all the hype surrounding workplace stress, which would only serve ultimately to bring me down and make me feel victimized. How true. Rather than to go along with popular thinking and agree in my mind that my job has high levels of stress, I have chosen instead to practice resiliency by coping with each situation as it comes up.

"This strategy eliminates much of the anxiety about my job in general, and allows me to focus my efforts on one issue at a time. It has literally saved my bacon more than once and has allowed me to enjoy continued success while many of my peers are floundering."

"Resiliency has been invaluable in helping me deal with daily strain and stress"
Tory Majors says Al Siebert's processes has been invaluable in dealing with stress, problems, and change especially when dealing with the death of relatives and friends.

Spring Forest Qigong

"Lump vanishes from my breast"
by Stacy Langager

"I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease at the age of 22. Doctors told me there was no cure. I am a registered nurse and was not satisfied with what the medical profession had to offer. The only treatment was surgery, and I didn't want to go through that again. I saw Master Chunyi Lin talking about Qigong on Channel Nine news. I decided to see if he could help me. After the first treatment, the lump was reduced by 95%—down to the size of a pea. After the second treatment, the lump was completely gone. It was a miracle! It has been 11 months and I have NOT had any reoccurrence. Dr. Pat Arnold said my breast was completely clear.

"I now practice Qigong every day. I am a more relaxed, patient, and calm person because of it. Also, I no longer suffer from migraine headaches or allergies. Qigong has changed my life forever! My husband has also taken Master Lin's class. He had a shoulder injury and suffered back pain for six years. After the first class with Master Lin, his back pain was gone! It was amazing."

Bleed on brain stem healed
Sue Sivula of Maple Grove, Minnesota, had a bleed on the brain stem and couldn't turn her eyes when she moved her head. The neurosurgeons at the Methodist Hospital and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota wanted to operate. But Sue didn't want surgery. After two visits with Master Lin, the problem was completely gone. The neurosurgeon compared the before and after MRIs and could only see a tiny residue. Sue practices Qigong twice a day for 30 minutes. "The ongoing benefits I receive far exceed any effort I must do in practicing Qigong," she says.

"I felt hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong"
"I weighed up to 210 pounds at 5'7" in 1997. I began losing weight as a result of practicing Qigong. I now weigh 152 pounds, dropping from size 18/20 jeans down to size 12! I did not journal my food intake as instructed by Weight Watchers. Instead, I followed my hunger patterns and practiced Qigong. I felt physically hungry all of the time until I started practicing Qigong. It felt like a hole in my stomach that would never fill up. The energy now fills me up. I feel more balanced and healthy, and I see more clearly my responsibility for my own happiness."
-- Corinne Vahle

Heart fibrillation stopped and blood pressure dropped
Dick Conner repeatedly ended up in the emergency room because of atrial fibrillation. "I would feel dizzy and get a pain in my chest." says Dick "I had a constant feeling of pressure in my chest," he says. Then a friend recommended Master Lin. "I had one session with Master Lin in January 2000 and began practicing his Spring Forest Qigong exercises."

"I have not had one episode since then!" Dick follows one of the audio sessions and practices Qigong every day with his wife. "We do at least ten minutes and try to do thirty minutes every day. I've noticed many other side benefits to Qigong. My blood pressure is down, I'm exercising much more, I'm no longer Type A, and I feel fantastic."

Esther required oxygen 24 hours a day -- until she practiced Qigong
Esther Trejo of St. Paul suffered from a rare lung disease. She was on oxygen 24 hours a day. "It was so debilitating that I was gasping for breath during the few moments it took me to change oxygen tanks," said Esther. "The doctors said my only choice was a lung transplant. I refused," she said.

Her son heard about Master Lin's class that is the basis of the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. "I did not go willingly, believe me," she recalls. "I took a class on Chinese breathing for eight weeks. When the class ended, I no longer needed all the oxygen and did not have to take any medicine. And, that was over five years ago," said Esther. And, top of it all, she received a bonus: "I am no longer a crabby S.O.B.!"

"You can't know the fear unless you have cancer"
Laura Buchl was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 31 and underwent chemotherapy. The cancer came back the next year, and she had more chemotherapy as well as a stem cell transplant. She was unable to digest food, had severe chest pain, and lived in deep fear. Then Laura began practicing Spring Forest Qigong. Her pain disappeared and she was able to eat again. A CT scan on July 22, 1999 showed that her thymus had returned to normal size and there were no other tumors. "Besides regaining my health, I stopped the fear with Spring Forest Qigong," says Laura. She also changed her diet and received acupuncture treatments. "You can't know the fear unless you have cancer. Qigong has completely changed my life, because I have control over my health. I am not fearful, and I do not feel helpless. Western medicine doesn't like you to think that."

7 years of arthritis pain ended when Doug started using his course
"There was not a moment in the past 7 years that I was without pain," says 52 year-old Doug Williams of England. "Nothing worked." Then he received a mailing. "I thought it was just another one of those products with wild claims that never work." He decided to try it anyway, expecting to return it later. But when he listened to the "Sitting Meditation" and practiced the "Small Universe" exercise, the pain left his body. "It defies logic. I am completely without pain! I want to meet Master Lin personally so I can give him a big hug."

Qigong corrects heart defect: 12 year-old boy named MVP
Eric McVeigh was diagnosed at birth with aortic stenosis, a narrowing of the aortic valve that causes contaminated blood to leak. He tired easily and couldn't keep up with kids own age. His mother, Pat, took him to Minnesota for Qigong sessions with Master Lin. Eric's stamina immediately increased. An ultrasound showed significant growth in the defective valve and showed significant thinning. The leakage of contaminated blood had almost stopped. In the fall of 1999, Eric made the championship soccer team of Calgary's North Division and, he was named Most Valuable Player. Today, Eric has more energy all around, and is no longer tired at the end of the school day -- all thanks to his work with Spring Forest Qigong.

Doctor said "impossible" without a bone marrow transplant
Tom Gow had been battling a preleukemic condition and needed a bone marrow donor. Tired of waiting, he heard about Qigong. "I was getting nowhere with the blood donors," said Tom. He decided Qigong was worth a try. After three months his chromosome damage had gone down.

Tom's doctor said that recovery was, "according to Western medicine," impossible without a bone marrow transplant. Tom's doctor supports Qigong practice, and had even attended a class on Qigong in medical school! "He told me he watched a surge of energy spontaneously raise up the hands of other medical students who were there with him." In addition to weekly sessions with Master Lin, Tom has been practicing Qigong using one of the recordings in the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He continues to take his medications and does whatever his medical doctor prescribes.

"Qigong may have saved my life after a heart attack"
Wayne Kassera, of Stillwater, Minnesota had a heart attack in 1998. Doctors at United Hospital in St. Paul found blockages in five vessels leading to the lungs from the back of the heart. Two vessels were cleared by angioplasty, one had a stent inserted, but the remaining two were too blocked to treat. Wayne heard about Master Lin and immediately enrolled in the class that is the basis for the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He also met with Master Lin three times. "The two vessels are now 85% clear!" he says. "I practice Qigong every day. I've seen many, many changes in my life, the most noticeable being more energy and greater life comfort." Wayne says he was a "meditator" before. "There is no comparison. I am more confident and feel more powerful as a result of his guidance."

"I was able to sleep on my shoulder with absolutely no pain"
"I'm extremely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and several lesser maladies. Damp, rainy weather brings extreme pain for me," wrote Myra Ullerup of West Virginia. Excruciating shoulder pain kept her up most of the night. The day her Spring Forest Qigong course arrived in the mail, she'd been "fighting back tears due to intense pain." Ten to fifteen minutes into the first viewing of the video -- the pain left her body. "I must say I'm in complete awe of Master Lin and Spring Forest Qigong."

Finally free of pain!
"I began the session at the end of August. Within one week I was walking without my chair or cart, and no pain. In two weeks my stomach disorders were much better. I was eating solid foods (rather than the blended diet I had been on), and the pain was negligible. I have been able to quit one of my blood pressure medications and my anti-depressant already. I have cut down on the morphine and plan to taper slowly off of it, because I feel I do not need it for pain control any more. In fact, I hope to be medicine free in a few months, and back to leading a happy life.

"My mind is clear and peaceful for the first time in years, and I have energy. This is nothing short of a miracle."
-- Terry Maiers