Album artwork

Mac OS iTunes Users:

  1. Select a product's track/s in your iTunes window.
  2. Click on the product's thumbnail image below.
  3. Click & drag the full-sized image onto the "Drag Album Artwork Here" space of your iTunes window.

Microsoft Windows iTunes Users:

  1. Click on the product's thumbnail image below.
  2. Right-click on the full-sized image and "Save Image to the Desktop."
  3. Select a product's track/s in your iTunes window.
  4. Drag the saved image file from your desktop onto the "Drag Album Artwork Here" space of your iTunes window.

Other MP3 Players:

  1. Click on the product's thumbnail image below.
  2. Right-click on the full-sized image and choose "Copy Image."
  3. Follow the directions given by your MP3 player's manufacturer to paste album artwork to your song file.

Abundance for Life

Abundant Money Mindset Paraliminal

Active Listening Paraliminal

Anxiety-Free Paraliminal

Aura Seeing

Automatic Pilot Paraliminal

Belief Paraliminal

Boundless Renewal

Break the Habit Paraliminal

Conscious Time Paraliminal

Consistent Practice Paraliminal

Creating Sparks Paraliminal

Creativity Supercharger Paraliminal

Deep Healing Foundations

Deep Healing for Health Conditions

Deep Relaxation Paraliminal

Diamond Dowsing

Diamond Feng Shui Essentials

Diamond Feng Shui Level 1

Diamond Feng Shui Level 2

Diamond Feng Shui Level 3

Diamond Feng Shui Level 4

Diamond Hexagrams

Diamond Quantum Colors

Dream Play Paraliminal

Dream Questing

EasyLearn Languages

EasyLearn Languages Paraliminal

Effortless Success

Embracing Freedom
Willing and Allowing

Embracing Freedom
Holding Conciousness Steady
Clear-Light Mind

Embracing Freedom
Physical Body

Embracing Freedom

Embracing Freedom

Embracing Freedom
The Nature of Giving

Embracing Freedom
Unseen Helpers

Enlightened Astrology


Euphoria! Paraliminal

The Everyday Genius

Faith & Confidence Paraliminal

Fearlessness Paraliminal

Financial Security Paraliminal

Finding Treasure Paraliminal

Finding Yourself Paraliminal

Five Elements Healing Paraliminal

Focus & Concentration Paraliminal

Four Elements Manifestation

Four Powers for Greatness

Freedom 101

Freedom 201

Fresh Start Paraliminal

Future Mapping

Genius Code

Get Around To It Paraliminal

Gratitude Paraliminal

Happy For No Reason Course

Happy For No Reason Paraliminal

Happy Money Paraliminal

Heart/Brain Sync
for Success

Holiday Cheer Paraliminal

Ideal Weight Paraliminal

Infinite Grace
Changing the Paradigm Series

Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace
Beauty / Reverance

Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace
Grace / Blessing / Conclusion

Instantaneous Personal
Magnetism Paraliminal

Intuition Amplifier Paraliminal

Joy Paraliminal

Letting Go Paraliminal

Living The Law Of Attraction Paraliminal

Mastering Time

Meditate with the Himalayan Masters

Memory Optimizer

Memory Supercharger Paraliminal

Million Dollar Vocabulary

Miracle Mindset Paraliminal

Money: From Scarcity to
Sufficiency to Prosperity

Natural Brilliance

New Action Generator Paraliminal

New Behavior Generator Paraliminal

New History Generator Paraliminal

New Option Generator Paraliminal

No Matter What!

No Matter What! Paraliminal


Overcoming Overwhelm Paraliminal

Paraliminal Accelerator

Peak Performance Paraliminal

Perfect Health Paraliminal

Personal Celebration

Personal Genius Paraliminal


Positive Relationships Paraliminal

Power Thinking Paraliminal

Prosperity Paraliminal

Pure Energy

Recover & Reenergize Paraliminal



Sales Leap Paraliminal

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 1 & Introduction

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 2 & 3

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 4

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 5

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 6 & 7

Seeds of Enlightenment
Meditation 8 & Conclusion

Seeing the Unseen Paraliminal

Self-Actualization Paraliminal

Self Discipline Paraliminal

Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal

Self-Love Paraliminal

Simplicity Paraliminal

Sleep Deeply,
Wake Refreshed Paraliminal

Smoke-Free Paraliminal

Sonic Access for Health

Sonic Access
for Relationships

Sonic Access How To

Sonic Access
for Spiritual Growth

Sonic Access
for Success

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Autumn & Relationships

Sonic Access Four Seasons
How to Use Sonic Access Four Seasons

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Spring & Health

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Summer & Success

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Winter & Spiritual Growth

Soul of Money Paraliminal

Sound Healing/Silent Clearing

Spiritual Codes

Spring Forest Qigong
Five Elements Self-Healing Main

Spring Forest Qigong
Five Elements Self-Healing Deluxe

Spring Forest Qigong
Back into the Universe

Spring Forest Qigong
Inner Beauty

Success Built to Last Paraliminal

Talking to Win Paraliminal

The Millionaire's Gift


Wealth Motivator Paraliminal

You Deserve It! Paraliminal

Youthful Vitality Paraliminal

Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now

10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal