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Changing the Paradigm
Changing the Paradigm will help you find, develop, and use your internal compass to navigate through life successfully, no matter the challenges. In her unique method of teaching through meditation, Jeddah Mali guides you through a series of explorations of your being, helping you make a welcomed, lasting, and enlightening shift in your life.

Embracing Freedom
Embracing Freedom deals with "what you do with who you are." It takes the foundational understanding that you know from Seeds of Enlightenment and helps you apply it to your day-to-day life.

Seven experts help you experience a natural, euphoric high. An astounding experience of peace of mind, bliss, and tranquility.

Infinite Grace
Infinite Grace allows you to understand, and experience, the nature of existence. By exploring the qualities inherent to all life—expansion, light, harmony, love, beauty—you experience awareness as the source of all form.


Morning Five Minutes
Would you like the perfect way to begin your day? Something that takes very little time or thinking, virtually no effort, but really sets up your day to deliver what you want from it? It's here, and it is yours. It is called the Morning Five Minutes. Simply push play, close your eyes, and relax.

Pure Energy
Just 5 minutes of the new "Pure Energy" can have a huge, noticeable effect on your success, relationships, and health.

Seeds of Enlightenment
Recognize the Universal Laws of Existence as they create your experience in each moment. Through eight powerful meditations, you learn to interact with and direct universal energy for immediate results that transform your life.

Sonic Access Four Seasons
Tap into the unique frequencies and qualities of the seasons in four extended Paraliminal meditation sessions.

Sonic Access
Instantly transform your energy patterns to manifest your deepest desires using this new sound frequency technology.

Spring Forest Qigong
Use your mind to eliminate pain and sickness from your body while giving you more energy.