Success Stories


Whether you attend a 2-1/2-day PhotoReading seminar or one of our phenomenal, life-changing, six-day Retreats you will experience an approach that harmonizes with your body, mind, and soul and influences your life way beyond the time you spend with the people who told us these stories:

Spring Forest Qigong Retreat

"The hotel did an outstanding job accommodating us and all our needs -- the rooms were great -- (they even covered the mirror for Feng Shui at my request without blinking an eye) the food was fabulous -- being a vegetarian I felt very pampered with all the choices - had a massage one night - the concierge even drove me to the Starbucks when I asked him how far it was.

"Learning Strategies did a great job with all the logistics and made us feel very special with all the lovely gifts that surprised us all week -- I am especially pleased with my new Yin Yang water mug - my one from last year was very faded and I was hoping you would do new ones.

The Peace Candle ceremony was wonderful and I have already had the opportunity to share the flame at a client breakfast and they are all sharing with family at Thanksgiving so it will be around the world before you know it -- Paul is the best speaker - what a great sense of humor -- SNL could be a second career -- Chunyi is the most amazing, humble, caring man and I have been honored to have studied with him these past two years -- it is a bit scary to hear about all the plans to go national and grow -- I am glad that I got to experience it in the 'small' phase -- although I certainly agree that this information needs to go to everyone that is ready for it -- best wishes for continued success with the message 'A healer in every family a world without pain' you are doing a great job."
-- Jody Hallahan

"What a marvelous support Staff you have at Learning Strategies."

"Thank you for making us all a true part of the team and sharing this important information with us. It was an experience that I only hope so many others will be able to get with future retreats."

"I am not the same person that I was before the retreat. I don't view life the same way. I don't react to events the same way. I am more positive. Calmer, mellow."

"I really met some wonderful people at the Retreat and still feel a glow from the experience. I shall listen to my CDs of 'Abundance for Life' and hope, amongst other things, it will bring sufficient funds to come to next year's Retreat, together with a couple of relatives I would like to bring!"

"Unbelievable. Still in shock. In Awe. Incredible. Eye opening. Powerful. Life changing. Wisdom of the ages. Empowering. Deep appreciation to Chunyi, Paul and Pete and all the other behind the scenes folks for putting this all together. Thank you!"

"I didn't realize how much of a physical healing I'd gotten until a couple of days after I returned home. Being with a group of people, out of my comfort zone, migraine headaches would have been the norm. I HAD NOT ONE HEADACHE THE ENTIRE RETREAT! All the little muscle/joint aches and pains were non-existent, and, despite the lack of actual sleep time, I felt relaxed, yet revived. Lastly, the spiritual validation and feeling like I've 'come home' was nothing short of miraculous. I'm highly intuitive, receive 'messages' and spiritual insights daily. Being able to share that with others freely and openly, on the same spiritual level, was manna for my soul. Thank you for listening to and following your own profound spiritual wisdom in rebuilding 'Solomon's Temple'. I will continue to include everyone involved in this 'mission' in my meditations on the healing chair! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

PhotoReading Retreat

"I was looking for: a) greater success at photo reading. b) better understanding of how the brain works. c) improved connection between conscious and non-conscious mind. d) most importantly... to enjoy it. I believe I gained in aspects a-c and I enjoyed the retreat tremendously."

"I came to get all I could, and I did! I felt I completed the final page of my book, 'My Life Up To Now', closed it -- then began... 'The Rest of My Life as I Create It'. I left with tools I really feel comfortable using to address issues as they come up in life."

Diamond Feng Shui Retreat

"The seminar with Marie Diamond was one of the most exciting, eye-opening, and life-changing events of my life. It changed my perceptions of and interactions with the world at the deepest levels, for which I am profoundly grateful."
-- Andrea Jakes

"Thanks, once again for a wonderful retreat! The empowerment and activation activities each day were extremely powerful! I saw results to everything that we activated even before leaving the retreat! Wow! There are still a couple of things coming, but I can certainly feel that they're almost 'there'. Thanks to Learning Strategies and Marie for all the wonderful information, guidance, and inspiration to make the world a better place for all of us!"
-- Kris Zimmermann

Accelements Seminar

"Paul Scheele is a MASTER in his subject. I've had the most fun in years, while learning valuable techniques which I've already begun implementing in my business practices."
-- Beverly Evvard

"I have told everyone who will listen about my experiences at Accelements. Many physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of learning and teaching were elegantly explored and modeled."
-- Karen Roehl, Clutter Coach & Professional Organizer Life Transformation

"Thank you for taking my learning to the next level. I have a Master's in Education and twenty years teaching experience with some prior training in accelerated learning, along with six years experience in counseling, and this training blew me away! I loved it and learned sooo much about myself, learning, learners, and brains . What amazing beings we are!"
-- Marie Patrice Masse, Sacred Spiral Life Work