A live seminar is still the best way to learn PhotoReading

Watch PhotoReading graduate Oliver Mellan's experience:

Choose an official PhotoReading seminar taught by a licensed PhotoReading instructor who thoroughly understands and always uses PhotoReading. If you cannot attend one of the classes listed below, purchase the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course. It is an effective alternative to the live seminar.

Most of our classes have only 20 participants, giving you maximum personal time with the instructor.

Tuition for most Learning Strategies Classes: $750 Satisfaction guaranteed.

Save $100 when you enroll 6 weeks before the class starts (no exceptions).

Save $50 if you own the PhotoReading Main or Deluxe Self-Study course.

To enroll in our classes:

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    (If you are under age 18, please have a parent or guardian call to make arrangements.)
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PhotoReading seminar graduates may repeat a seminar in most cities for $125 tuition. Call us to enroll.

Feel free to contact a coach now for more information or assistance.

What makes this course so rich?

Can I PhotoRead Already?

In the 3-day seminar you will learn the PhotoReading system, which you will be able to apply to any reading situation you have. This includes books/ebooks, web reading, reports, magazines, and email. You will learn to blast through your reading material with significant comprehension at high speeds.

Achieve these productivity goals:
— Get key points from articles after just 30 to 60 seconds.
— Get key points from books in as little as 10 minutes.
— Get full comprehension from books in 3 hours.

Stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt will be replaced by confidence and competence. This is not speed reading. This is a whole mind approach that combines the capabilities of your right brain and left brain for super-fast reading and learning.

*Special “Play It Again” Bonus When you go home after the seminar, you might be asking, “What was it that your instructor said about such-and-such?” Never fear, because we filmed Paul Scheele’s PhotoReading seminar a few years ago, and you’ll get those video recordings after the seminar. Since no two seminars are the same, you’ll be in for a treat. It’s a great way to cement in everything you learn and take your skills to higher levels.

Learning Strategies Class Schedule

If you are considering a PhotoReading class that is not on our calendar, make sure your class is taught by a licensed PhotoReading instructor.

Minneapolis PhotoReading Only 4/25-27, 2020
3 payments of $250.00
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It's Risk Free!
Future Mapping Seminar recordings are also available!
Click on this link for more information:

Both seminars taught by the developer of PhotoReading,
Paul Scheele, Ph.D.

Additional USA Classes

Atlanta, GA
November 6-8
taught by our Master Instructor Trainer, Millicent St. Claire
Email Millicent for more information or to enroll: events@millicentstclaire.com

New Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at any time, for any reason, and receive a refund of the tuition you paid.
We simply ask that you cancel at least a week before the event so we can try to reduce our expenses. We would appreciate that.
If you have to cancel during the week before, we will still honor your request and give you a refund.