The PhotoReading Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Do you feel your education, experience, and motivation would make you an effective PhotoReading Instructor? Here's how the training works:

Prerequisite: You have attended at least one PhotoReading seminar in person or virtually. And, you know that you are a good PhotoReader!

Level One Private PhotoReading Instructor Training
Location: Self-paced virtually, combined with personalized coaching
Delivered by: Master Instructor Millicent St.Claire

Level One training is designed for training professionals, teachers, and coaches who are interested in teaching their students or clients how to realize their ability to process information faster and better using the PhotoReading Whole Mind System. The program consists of proven academic and scientific human development technologies and learning strategies that maximizes potential and get results.

You will receive the following with your one-on-one Level One training:

  • 11 Pre-Discovery Prep assignments. These pre-work assignments that are very important elements in the PhotoReading Whole Mind System must be completed before starting your actual training. Discussion with Millicent to follow. 
  • 60+ pre-recorded instructional training videos that cover every element of the course designed by Paul Scheele and articulated and demonstrated by Millicent.
  • Coaching from Millicent as needed as you practice with the content in the instructional videos.
  • Five 30-minute post-training coaching sessions with Millicent after the Level One training.
  • Digital videos of the developer of PhotoReading, Paul Scheele, teaching a seminar.
  • 10-year license to distribute digital PhotoReading Student Course Materials to your students at no additional cost.
  • 10-year license to use the official PhotoReading PowerPoints.
  • Use of the PhotoReading trademark to promote your classes.
  • A MindMap of social media outlets and strategies to help you plan how you will establish yourself, market your course, and build a following. Marketing is entirely up to you.
  • You may teach PhotoReading classes live and in person or online. You may also incorporate PhotoReading into other classes that you teach. You will not be able to create home study courses.
  • You will be an authorized PhotoReading instructor. Earn certification status by completing the Level Two training.

The tuition for the Level One training is $6,500. Full payment is due prior to the start of the training.

The general timeframe to complete the Level One training is approximately three months. This will be sufficient to watch all instructional videos, practice, fulfill on the assignments, and receive coaching and feedback from the instructor.

There is no satisfaction guarantee for this program.

Level Two PhotoReading Instructor Training (optional, after you complete Level One)

For those who desire mastery with their teaching skills and take your training to higher levels and create customized courses, Level Two is for you. After mastering Level One and becoming proficient with delivering the course material and all of its elements, as well as mastery with your own PhotoReading skills, you will organize a PhotoReading seminar in your area, and Millicent will come to your city for highly personalized coaching and supervision of your course delivery, as well as advanced coaching and training.

You will receive:

  • Two days of one-on-one coaching before teaching your seminar and one additional day after the seminar. During your seminar Millicent will observe your training and give you specific feedback on how to improve.
  • You will then be notified by Millicent and Learning Strategies on any refinements needed prior to certification.
  • Upon completion, you will be listed as a certified PhotoReading Instructor on our website. You may also purchase PhotoReading Certificates of Completion and official Learning Strategies gold foil seals for each certificate. These may be given to your students when they've completed a training. The cost will be $20 a student.

Level Two Tuition: $5,000, plus Millicent's travel, lodging, and meal expenses. Full payment is due prior to the start of the training.

Level Two must be completed within 12 months of attending Level One. A minimum of 90 days between Level One and Level Two is needed for integration.

The most complete experience involves both Level One and Level Two.

If you plan on offering in-company trainings or a significant number of seminars to the public, we recommend that you complete Level Two.

There is no satisfaction guarantee for this program.

PhotoReading Instructor Training Review

The PhotoReading Instructor Training includes:

Level One - online training plus personal coaching via Zoom
Level Two - optional

During the live Level One training you will learn about the three primary elements of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System: Accelerated Learning, NLP, and Pre-conscious Processing. You will also understand the objectives of each module and the minimum competencies that students are expected to learn.

After completing Level One, you will have all that you need to teach PhotoReading. You will still need to spend time to put together how you will teach your PhotoReading seminar. In addition to receiving some scripts from us, you will also receive the tools and knowledge you need to customize your own seminar. This customization is important so that you can help your students learn to use the PhotoReading Whole Mind System whether they are high school students, attorneys in a law office, scientists at an international conference, or parents in a community education program.

Level Two of the program is designed for someone who seriously wants to take their PhotoReading teaching skills to high levels. After your Level One experience, you will organize a PhotoReading seminar in your area when you are prepared and ready. Millicent will come to your location for highly personal coaching, monitoring your class, and additional training.

Remember, the PhotoReading "Whole Mind" System is a super-fast learning technology that activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information, three times faster.

Whether you want sharper thinking, increased productivity, more income, better grades, or more enjoyment out of life, PhotoReading can help you.

And now, you can take PhotoReading into the world to help others learn this powerful program.

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