Exercises and Techniques

In your Four Elements Manifestation learning sessions, you will explore various exercises and techniques that enhance self-understanding and promote your direct engagement with the elemental energies. These are used in support of your intentions as you build your manifestation practice.

Fourfold Breathing

The ancient breathing process of “Fourfold Breathing” deepens relaxation and enhances self-understanding. In addition to accessing different brainwave states, fourfold breathing helps you achieve coherence, when all the brainwaves are traveling at the same rate and at the same rhythm or amplitude. You will use this conscious breathing technique to observe your thoughts and notice patterns in your thinking and to better understand and connect with the four elements within you.

Magic Mirrors

The Magic Mirrors technique helps you examine your life to see how your personal qualities, good and bad, steer your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Every trait corresponds to a specific element. You can determine precisely where you need to focus your energies to bring the elements into equilibrium within you.


Ambassadors are actual physical representations of the elements that you can use to strengthen your connection to the elements. They enhance your sympathetic resonance to each element by expanding the ways in which you connect to the energy through all your senses.

Elemental Correspondences

The personal traits and qualities on your Magic Mirrors comprise your energetic blueprint. Your life mirrors this blueprint. If your energetic blueprint was a current match for your goal, you would already have attained it. You need to shift your energetic balance to be compatible with the goal you want.


These help you become more aware and conscious during your day and gather useful information about who you are and how you carry yourself in the world.


In the fluid territory between wakefulness and sleep, called the hypnogogic state, you can consciously slip a positive trait or quality into the gap so it becomes part of who you are as you carry it into the next day. This autosuggestion technique can be used to transform any trait, alleviate negative thoughts and worries that interfere with sleep, and support all your important goals.

Pore Breathing

Spring Forest Qigong master Chunyi Lin has demonstrated this at many of our healing events. It’s where we can use our skin to breathe in more than air, because our pores act as micro energy centers to pull in energy.

You will use it to inhale the vibrations and energy of the four elements, which accelerates your ability to balance and build the elements as needed for your particular case. It’s all about raising your vibration to match that of your goal, or, as Brian says, “Your wish fulfilled.”

Lectio Divina (or Sacred Reading)

This powerful and unique way to tap into Infinite Intelligence is used to get crazy insights and real solutions to challenges that come up. All by using a book. It could be an inspirational book, Bible, or even your favorite novel.

Lectio Divina will come in handy, because no matter how good you are with the four elements, stuff will come your way to derail you. This is one of the tools you’ll use to create “magical momentum,” as Brian calls it.

Erasing Your Personal History

You see, your history, your life experiences, even brushing your teeth, block you more than you know.  That’s right. How you brush your teeth can be affecting your wealth.

To create what you want naturally (and to have it appear effortlessly), you need to be aware of your unconscious actions, and when you do, it’s like gaining a fresh canvas for your life’s masterpiece. It’s almost like a secret doorway to success.

Environmental Change (Feng Shui)

As you know, at Learning Strategies we are strong proponents of Feng Shui to align the energy of your home with the energy of your ideal life and the energy of your wish fulfilled. Everyone should use it.

Brian will guide you in making purposeful changes in your environment, including your living and working spaces, to affect your energy and create an optimal state for body, mind, and spirit. Even the slightest tweaks in the way your furniture is arranged can have a significant impact on your ability to manifest what you want.

Conscious Breathing, Conscious Eating, and Conscious Drinking

It’s not what you think. It’s better than you think. This series of techniques gives you the ability to infuse every cell of your being with the energy of your goal already achieved.

As you know, you need to visualize a goal achieved. You don’t want to visualize yourself working on the goal, because all you will ever do is work on your goal. You want to visualize it achieved. Your wish fulfilled.