Magical Certainty

As you go through the course, we encourage you to journal for setting your goals and intentions… for capturing your thoughts, feelings, and observations about your experiences with the exercises and meditations…. for acknowledging the goodness in your life… and for self-reflection.

Your journal may be brief notes, bulleted lists, or lengthy paragraphs. It is completely up to you. Tracking your experiences is fundamental to your manifestation practice.

The fuel for building momentum comes from closing the feedback loop. This is how you know the effects that you are getting are from the causes you have set in motion by your practices.

Closing that feedback loop is where most people fall short. You need to be vigilant about noticing the changes occurring, so you can close the feedback loop. Not only does this build momentum, it fosters strong belief through consistent results.

It creates magical certainty… no doubt in your mind you can do it.