Four Exclusive Paraliminals

Brian Osborne teamed up with our Paul Scheele to create four out-of-the-box Paraliminals.

Meditations, an important component of this course, require that you sit, listen, and do in your mind what Brian guides you to do.

Paraliminals require that you set your intention and then let go. In other words, you can lie down or even fall asleep if you want. They will still work for you.

Paraliminals are incredibly valuable self-development tools and listening to them is so easy. All you have to do is relax, push play, close your eyes, and listen with headphones.

You are brought into a world where music, words, and nature sounds create a 3-D sound environment in your mind. You will hear separate messages channeled into each ear through headphones. These messages are intended for different parts of the brain.

You will be guided by Brian’s voice and Paul Scheele’s voice. At times, you will hear them simultaneously speaking to help your nonconscious mind gain access to the tremendous capabilities within you to accomplish your dreams. This is a key technique used in Paraliminal recordings, designed to help you access the full resources of your whole brain.

You are getting the best of both in your new personal learning course. That’s our number one focus here at Learning Strategies. No one does what we do!

Declaration of Purpose Paraliminal

Defeat the habit of drifting by instilling a definiteness of purpose in all you do. As you keep your goal in the forefront, you ask yourself, “Who must I be in order for this to become inevitable?” Listen every time you set a new goal, big or small.

Elemental Balance Paraliminal

Correspond with the elements in ways that bring them into balance with your energetic blueprint so you can better connect with vital energy and support the achievement of your goal. When something feels off in your life, use the Elemental Balance Paraliminal.

Effortless Flow Paraliminal

Move beyond self-judgment and inner criticism and shift your brain’s tendency to separate oneself from others and separate past from present from future. As you bring the elements into internal equilibrium, you spontaneously experience effortless flow in your life regardless of any situation you are in or challenge you face.

Infinite Gratitude Paraliminal

Create a sense of possibility and spaciousness and consciously set the seed for manifesting your goals. Your felt sense of appreciation and gratefulness communicates to your inner mind that what you desire is already received so it begins working on it, applying your energy in the direction of your goal and alerting you to everything you need to speed its manifestation.