Thirteen Meditations

To be effective at manifestation, Brian will take you on a fascinating journey mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through thirteen amazing meditations.

Each meditation begins with a special progressive relaxation which is critical to success. Your level of relaxation during any meditation will determine how much benefit you gain from it.

Your goal is to enter a state of profound relaxation because when your physical body slows, your energetic body speeds up. This acceleration makes you more sensitive to the elemental energies within and around you. It is in this state that you can feel the full effect of your connection to infinite potential.

Element Journeys: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

Journey to planets of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, where everything on a planet is made of its element. The people, animals, buildings, plants—everything will be of that element. You will understand the elements inside out, become one with them, so you can master them for manifestation.

Energy Body Expansion: 1 and 2

This exercise helps contain your mind while expanding awareness of your body and the space you occupy in relationship to everything around you.

Body Dissipation

A meditative exercise that enhances awareness of your body in a unique way, essentially helping you visualize your body as it dematerializes into tiny spheres of light.

Space Awareness: 1 and 2

Helps you to focus on the emptiness around you, opening you to infinite potential in space. This is critical for achieving the physical manifestation of your goal.

Open Focus: Releasing and Manifesting

In Open Focus, you’ll be expanding your mind and letting it go to the extreme edges of where it can go, the place of infinite potential. Usually fairly quickly afterwards, you will know you have been heard as infinite intelligence delivers some sign or opportunity that gives you a huge boost toward the fulfillment of your goal.

Elemental Image

In this meditation, you see yourself made of the elements. How these images of you change from day to day is a good indication of how your work is progressing.


Based on a fire meditation, it is designed to help you make contact with the fifth element, or the divine energy.

Long Face

This meditation relaxes every part of your face as you enter a deep sense of relaxation. (As a side benefit, this is one of the key meditations women in Tibet and China use to keep their youthful appearance because it takes away any kind of tension in the face where lines and wrinkles occur.)