What You Get

You get to maximize your potential by breaking through limitations related to any goal, project, or endeavor.

Future Mapping helps advance your skills and talents and turn any goal into reality.

"Future Mapping is like opening a secret chamber to your inner genius," says co-developer Paul Scheele, Ph.D. "Once you draw a Future Mapping chart, you don't have to work hard to achieve your goal. The process spontaneously motivates you in new and wonderful ways to achieve your end result."

As you experience the process of Future Mapping you'll come to understand how you can easily apply it to every aspect of life. Future Mapping is a whole brain process, yet it's much more. As developer Masanori Kanda says, "It is whole brain, whole person, whole body, whole mind, whole spirit. It's all of you. It's all of it. There is no part of you that is left unaffected by this process. And there are so many brilliant aspects to it."

Future Mapping is a way of taking the brilliance that's within you and actually revealing it to yourself in a way that can serve every aspect of your life.

It serves everyone in your relationships, and it serves the world. If we're going to make it as a human species we have to work together to create a world that's socially just, environmentally sustainable, economically sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling for everyone. "Masanori and I believe this tool really brings the heart of that principle to fruition," says Paul Scheele. This course puts a tool in your hands that can make a difference right away in your life and the lives of others.

Furthermore Paul says, "Future Mapping will revolutionize the common understanding about the flow of time and the mechanism of the world. This is a skill that will be useful for the rest of your life. It will not only widen your possibilities in life but also expand the possibility of human beings."

Your Future Mapping course includes six audio learning sessions to systematically guide you through using Future Mapping. You also receive a manual including sample charts for reference, the Future Mapping Paraliminal, Fast Finish sessions, and supporting video.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Future Mapping personal learning course, you may return it within 30 days for a prompt refund of the product price.

If you ever have questions about getting full benefit from Future Mapping, you are welcome to visit our online Discussion Forum.