How Future Mapping Works

The personal learning course will take you through the six steps of the Future Mapping process.

Every time you use Future Mapping, whether for something as simple as planning your day or as complex as ensuring your financial future, you will create a single-page chart. The Future Mapping process transforms your thinking into concrete action plans you can use immediately.

Future Mapping chart - Hotel

Studies show it is very difficult to accomplish a task with just the efforts of the conscious mind alone. By tapping into the rich resources of your inner mind, you can find self-sabotage, negative self-talk, and limited thinking falling away.

For example, dieting to change weight can be a challenge, because you need to make a habit out of new eating behaviors. You have to reprogram the mind, redesign your thinking, and reprogram your story for the change to occur.

Similarly, think of any new project or goal. It could be building a home, taking on an initiative at work, getting an advanced degree, or writing a book. For most people, limiting beliefs about their capabilities and all of the reasons they cannot accomplish the goal rise to the forefront and hinders progress.

Future Mapping works because you bring your conscious intention (your goal) in contact with your nonconscious resources (your subconscious mind). This "whole mind" approach helps you automatically create positive change that makes achieving your goal easier and less arduous.

As you go through the course, you will systematically create a variety of Future Mapping charts to achieve tasks and goals important to you.

You'll learn how to create short-range results for a task that can be completed in three days, medium-range results for a three-week task, and how to use it to achieve longer-range results for significant goals or change over three months or even three years.

The Future Mapping system works for goals achieving, problem solving, and creative needs.

Mechanism of Future Mapping

Future Mapping Mechanism

Future Mapping involves a map with six areas as shown above, to create an action scenario to achieve your goal. On the horizontal axis, time is divided into three periods. On the vertical axis, the shift from negative reality to positive reality is indicated. On this map, you can draw a clear action scenario to achieve your goal.

The process is clearly explained and demonstrated in the Future Mapping personal learning course.