Success Stories

Renovation of hotel guest rooms resulted in a 90% occupancy rate increase

"Six months after I made a Future Mapping chart, I had my hotel rooms renovated. I created a space concept that no other hotels have. Since then, the occupancy rate has been constantly above 90%." 
– Mr. Takuji KANEKO, Owner of Green Core Hotels


Chart that generated the renovation idea (Left). A room without a bed, attaining a 90% occupation rate (Right).

A restaurant hops with a new concept

"Four months after drawing a Future Mapping chart, I opened a restaurant with a new concept. From Day One, I had a long line of customers. I was able to create a business model that substantially increased gross margins and new customers."
– Yuki TAN, Corporate Executive of Daitan Group


Future Mapping generated the idea for the new restaurant (Left) followed by a popular menu item (Right), photo of the restaurant, and interview with the national television station (NHK).

Bestselling author

"I was hoping to be a popular speaker, but publishing was a dream. Six months after drawing a Future Map, I was asked to publish a book with Japan's leading business press. The book was published, and instantly become a best seller (No1 in Amazon!) . Public schools have asked me to give lectures. Even before my book came out, I became a popular speaker."


Future Mapping chart to become a popular speaker and publish books (Left), starting work as a speaker on the same date as the chart suggested and a book was published.

Elementary schools have adopted Future Mapping method

The mechanism of Future Mapping is so simple it has been adopted in elementary schools in Japan. Let's look at some of the stories coming from schools.

Best results in 11 years at a national table tennis competition

A table tennis club had to reduce their training after the 2011 earthquake. After adopting Future Mapping, they ranked 7th at the national championship for third and fourth graders. This was the best result for the club in eleven years.

A child with severe mental disabilities created a story filled with high-level metaphors

Although it was assumed that a severely autistic child could not have any abstract thinking, he was able to draw a Future Map for graduating students. The story was filled with complex metaphors you would expect from renowned novelists or poets. The assumptions about mental disabilities were reversed.

Nine-year-olds planned and held an athletic event

9- year-old children drew an action scenario to successfully hold an athletic event. They looked at the map every day and independently solved problems when there were delays in practice or teamwork issues.

4th graders made a long-term solution for a trash problem
Students discussed environmental issues in class. Although they were not used to problem-solving, Future Mapping allowed them to generate a long-term solution process that even adults would not have come up with.

The reason why school teachers are adopting a business-oriented tool in education is that there is educational effectiveness in the process of thinking, deciding, and generating outcomes independently.

Both children and adults get excited about this method. Everyone can enjoy it because everyone can make stories.

This is a world where age, expertise, background, and nationality do not matter. Everyone's differences create synergy and will be reflected on a map. Every time you draw a map, you will feel that the world around you is getting close to what you want its future to be.