PhotoReading makes information come together

Earlier we said that processing and understanding PhotoRead information requires activation. You will learn several ways to activate information, including "super reading and dipping." This process involves going back through the book by moving your eyes down the middle of the page for 2-40 seconds a page. Beginning PhotoReaders may super read and dip through a book several times during the two hours it takes to process and understand the material—you will discover learning comes best in layers.

You know when you are finished, because the book gels and you understand the content. It may take the full two hours for a book to come clear for the beginning PhotoReader. Until then, it is possible for beginning PhotoReaders to feel they are learning little from the book. As when making gelatin, it isn't gelatin until it gels.

The same holds true for the expert PhotoReader. It may take 30 minutes for the book to gel.

Do you see more ways that PhotoReading is different from regular reading? It is not exactly the reading we learned in school. When regular reading, you understand information as you go along. With PhotoReading you understand it as it gels. Advantages go beyond speed, because information learned through using the PhotoReading whole mind system is easier to understand and is retained longer. It is all because you use more of your mind.

How to gain even greater comprehension

Keep in mind that PhotoReading guides information to the memory areas of your brain, where everything from your past is stored. Your new ideas continually become part of the foundation of who you are. As you guide more and more information into your brain, you provide more connections to create more and more successes in your life.

Let us say you want to study Customer Loyalty for your business. Which would be better? On the one hand, to PhotoRead a book on Customer Loyalty in 3 to 5 minutes and then process and understand the book in 2 hours. Or on the other hand, PhotoRead several books on Customer Loyalty in 9-15 minutes and then process and understand one of them in 2 hours while automatically drawing on concepts from the other books. You may notice that all of the authors are saying primarily the same thing. You will be able to do your job with confidence, knowing you have taken the best advice from the experts.

The choice is clear. When you guide information from multiple books into your brain on a topic, it gives more depth to your understanding. And, any topic whether astrophysics or gardening, management or home improvement, computer programs or your kid's homework, a spiritual book or an instruction manual...

You cannot get this power and understanding from regular reading or speed reading techniques, unless you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort.

Go beyond speed and comprehension

A company had all of its employees spend 3-5 minutes a day PhotoReading time management books. Within a month, the company noticed an improvement in productivity.

A PhotoReader PhotoRead three books on golf. The next day she played better, and her golfing partner accused her of sneaking lessons.

Although the increase in speed and comprehension is impressive, the true power of PhotoReading comes from processing and understanding information so you can immediately use it to enhance your own life.

And finally,

If you are in a job you hate, or you can't keep up, or you are not making enough money, or if you are doing poorly in school, then it is an easy decision to learn PhotoReading today.

And, if things are going well, PhotoReading will give you an edge, boost your confidence, make you feel better about yourself, and help you earn more money (the good reader earns 2-1/2 times that of a poor reader). PhotoReading can improve your life.

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