Million Dollar Vocabulary by Dr. J. Michael Bennett with Paul R. Scheele

"my little Merriam Webster," because of Brad’s vocabulary improvement since being in the studio with Michael and Paul.

If you want to boost your vocabulary, this course will do it. Imagine, never being at a loss for just the right words to clearly express yourself. No more feeling ignorant or inferior. Catapult yourself to a new level of effective communications. Discover yourself in the top 5% of educated adults…without all of the hard work associated with learning vocabulary. Let Mike and Paul accelerate the process for you!

You’ll be glad you got it. Playful. Different. Intelligent. A great way to build your vocabulary.

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For your personal best,
Pete bissonette
Pete Bissonette

P.S. - Nothing can help you build financial, career, and social success like carefully chosen words. Make your decision and order now.

Yes, this is the course advertised on radio.

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