Million Dollar Vocabulary by Dr. J. Michael Bennett with Paul R. Scheele

"The Secrets to your new Million Dollar Vocabulary

Play with your course. Don't work at it. It performs almost magically to help you learn words to accelerate your success.

I promise it won't be tedious like other vocabulary programs–this program is different. Before we developed it, I listened to many other programs, most of which were ineffective. Repetition. Repetition. Boring repetition. Words were drilled into my head, but few stuck. Have you tried them?

Such traditional methods may ultimately work, but agonizingly slowly. And worse, often they exacerbate the problem. I don't know about you, but I certainly have better things to do with my time.

Good news: Million Dollar Vocabulary is not traditional. Quick to learn. It will sharpen your verbal edge in the first five minutes–GUARANTEED

I have talked with dozens of our students who want to improve their vocabulary. They describe other programs they have tried: "tiresome," "dulling," "seemingly without end."

That's when I pulled together our experts Paul Scheele and Michael Bennett. We knew we could do exceedingly better.

Six months later, they handed me the first script, and, "voila", a winner! Different from any other program. I think you will applaud.

Remember that Paul Scheele, as co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, is a world authority on brain-based, whole-mind learning. If anyone can revolutionize vocabulary learning, it's Paul.

And Professor Mike Bennett has taught vocabulary as part of his human communication courses at the University of Minnesota for over 20 years. He also has authored a vocabulary course for the American Management Association. His unparalleled verbal expertise is grounded by strict academic standards. I dare say he knows the dictionary inside and out. He is the authority I trust to present dynamic and useful words with humor and charm and effectiveness—in short, with panache.

Purchase and download your course right now and you’ll see what I mean. We strongly believe this course is the best available to improve vocabulary. We back this claim with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund -- no questions asked.

We are proud to introduce your Million Dollar Vocabulary: Sharpen your verbal edge for success. I can see you immediately using your powered-up vocabulary to:

  • eliminate misunderstanding
  • write letters to get immediate, polite responses
  • memo instructions to achieve prompt, efficient action
  • prepare speeches that motivate and inspire
  • read with deeper understanding
  • build confidence in all that you do to accomplish more of what you want

A world-class course–it's expansive, professional, enjoyable, effective

Professor Michael Bennett discerningly presents over 600 words vital to effective communications: the words you need to know for success in today's world. You garner an awareness and understanding of each and every one of them. You immediately acquire at least 55 new words, probably closer to 150 new words, mastering them with confidence and poise.

For best results, go through your Million Dollar Vocabulary Personal Learning Course multiple times to continue expanding your vocabulary.

Its corpus contains some of the most frequently used words, which most people do not grasp accurately. Plus, Michael, a vocabulary savant, adds his own colorful favorites for flair. As a master teacher and a versatile scholar, he provides many words for everyone at all levels. As you listen, you will find that an expressive, useful vocabulary for precise and exacting communication naturally becomes yours.

Your course includes ten Lessons, two Paraliminal Learning Sessions, and a 64-page playbook PDF you can download immediately to get started. You’ll be with Michael on ten fascinating sessions. Each lesson is around thirty minutes. The lessons and format are designed to meet two standards: You learn easily and enjoyably. And what you learn meets the stringent requirements of academicians worldwide. From the very beginning you realize how much you are acquiring. During the opening montage of each session, words flow into your mind in a word stream unique to the Million Dollar Vocabulary Personal Learning Course.

Your program also features two unequalled Paraliminal programs by Paul Scheele to ensure you learn and use your new vocabulary. Never in vocabulary-building audio programs, live seminars, or multimedia presentations has there been a method closer to effortless and automatic learning than these amazing Paraliminal sessions. They imprint the words into your memory, giving you the verbal advantage.

Paraliminal sessions speak directly to your whole mind, allowing you to learn on a deep, subconscious level. Words and definitions float through your mind, penetrating your long-term memory for permanent use.

The PDF playbook is filled with crossword puzzles and quizzes–creative ways for you to exercise your new vocabulary, words in context, summaries from each session, and an extensive glossary. Michael consulted multiple sources including:

  • "Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged Edition"
  • "Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary"
  • "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, New College Edition"
  • "The American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary"
  • "Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary"

As you can expect from a company with our expertise, Million Dollar Vocabulary effects vocabulary growth for people with any learning style preference. Yes, you can have success with this program. Also, you don't have to be smart to listen to these recordings, though you will be smarter afterward.

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