Million Dollar Vocabulary by Dr. J. Michael Bennett with Paul R. Scheele

People judge you by the words you use

Be assured that nothing makes a stronger, longer-lasting impression than a cogent command of the English language. Just keep your ears open. You will soon notice that the most admired people have strong vocabularies.

To advance in your career, your vocabulary level must surpass that of your peers. Career counselors concur that verbal mastery is directly linked to career advancement. Even if you are more qualified than the next person, count on the person with the keen vocabulary to win. Fair, or not, the world responds to words.

After all, haven’t you ever felt intimidated by someone using words you don’t know? I have. I have felt lost in a fog. While I’m expending considerable mental energy trying to figure it out, the conversation advances without me. I am immediately out of step. A better vocabulary guarantees keeping up with the best of them.

If you want to play with "the big boys"
you better be ready to match their vocabulary

You see, a powerful vocabulary can be like wearing a powersuit to a meeting. It says that you mean business; it projects strength; it gives you the edge. A strong vocabulary is a powersuit that anyone can don at a moment’s notice.

I’ve seen dominant people use language to:

  • get what they want
  • control the conversation
  • manipulate others
  • exert superiority

Put yourself on equal footing. You can counter those verbal bullies by building a strong vocabulary yourself. Get the advantage. In return, you can hold your own in any group and communicate more elegantly. When you choose our Million Dollar Vocabulary you can find this happening automatically—that is, without consciously searching for words.

As a result, you will:

  • get more respect
  • earn more money
  • confidently make your mark

I do not advocate bullying people. Rather, use carefully chosen words to communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively. A strong vocabulary will project strength and confidence even in stressful situations.

Vocabulary operates positively or negatively
in many areas of your life

Have you been humiliated by butchering the language or frustrated at not being able to come up with the right word? How did that affect you? How did it affect you later in the day in other parts of your life? Were you less confident? Did you try to second guess yourself? Did you become irritable?

While a million dollar vocabulary removes obstacles and accelerates goal achievement, a weak vocabulary handicaps and stymies. If you cannot express ideas eloquently, if you hesitate because of uncertainty about the right word, you will appear less than competent and under-qualified. Financial rewards, recognition, and promotion could pass you by.

Your million dollar vocabulary won’t sound pretentious. With every new word, you will communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively with growing confidence.

You involuntarily transfer this confidence for greater success in other areas of your life from losing weight, to playing golf, to making decisions, to improving your home, to making friends... Confidence automatically breeds confidence, just as failure breeds failure.

Vocabulary already works for or against you one way or another. Might as well have it work for you in as many ways as possible.

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