Million Dollar Vocabulary by Dr. J. Michael Bennett with Paul R. Scheele

Million Dollar Vocabulary
Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

Professor Michael Bennett discerningly presents over 600 words vital to effective communications: the words you need to know for success in today's world. You garner an awareness and understanding of each and every one of them. You immediately acquire at least 55 new words, probably closer to 150 new words, mastering them with confidence and poise.

Your program also features two unequalled Paraliminal programs by Paul Scheele to ensure you learn and use your new vocabulary. Never in vocabulary-building audio programs, live seminars, or multimedia presentations has there been a method closer to effortless and automatic learning than these amazing Paraliminal sessions. They imprint the words into your memory, giving you the verbal advantage.

How long is the course?

It takes about 6 hours to listen to the audios. You can listen over a few days or a few weeks. It's up to you.

How much time is recommended to complete the course?

8-10 hours. For best results, we recommend you put time in your schedule right now to do the course. Treat these as important appointments and do not change them because something else has come up.

What are the exact contents of the course?

The contents are listed here:

English as a second language

The course will help people learn English as a second language, however, it is definitely not for beginners.

American or British English?

The course is American English, but a preponderant number of the words fit for either.

Primary sources

  • The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, New College Edition
  • The American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary
  • Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary
  • The Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition
  • Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged Edition
  • Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

Appropriate ages

Ages 13 and up, and maybe even younger!

Can I listen while driving or exercising?

Absolutely. While the course is designed to be interactive, you are welcome to listen to the course one time through before doing the recommended processes. Do not listen to Paraliminal sessions while driving.

What if I have a question?

You may tap into free coaching when you purchase Million Dollar Vocabulary. Learn all about our free success coaching here:

Is there a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. Learn the details here: