Memory Optimizer by Vera F. Birkenbihl with Paul R. Scheele

The Anchorman List builds your ability to memorize

Mrs. Birkenbihl will have you memorize one list of 26 items. She calls it the Anchorman List. One whole audio set is devoted to helping you memorize this list on the spot. As a result, much of what you might need to memorize in the future becomes instantly easier to memorize. Examples include speeches, names, and lessons, things to do...

For the Anchorman List you will use some of the association techniques that have been used for memory over thousands of years, with a Birkenbihl twist. You see, she has combined the classic with the latest brain research to make the process easier.

I think you will be surprised at how useful you will find the Anchorman List. I know Paul and I were. Plus, it is a real confidence booster.

Memory gets worse with age,
but when you use the Memory Optimizer
you might not notice the decrease

Here's why:

When you use these special techniques to improve your memory, you build more and more connections in your memory web. As a result, memory loss is easier to deal with. Those who have built a strong and intricate memory web might not even notice a decrease in memory whether caused from aging or brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.

You may have heard about the on-going, now-famous study of nuns here in Minnesota—they were featured in a May 2001 issue of Time magazine, among other publications. Researchers discovered a direct connection between a person's ability to write complex sentences and the likelihood of contracting Alzheimer's.

Physical brain destruction from Alzheimer's does not always lead to mental deterioration and memory loss. Extra reserves of mental capacity, scientists believe, keep some people functioning at high levels despite the loss of brain cells. In other words, they can afford to lose brain cells.

Nuns who wrote complex sentences had more brain cells and were less likely to suffer the ravages of Alzheimer's.

For you, when you do the exercises and follow the tricks in the Memory Optimizer you will automatically create more brain cells and more connections, which will make you less susceptible to any possible destruction from Alzheimer's.

It is like mental hygiene, a mental toothbrush, that will benefit you long into the future. Mrs. Birkenbihl suggests that revisiting the course annually will not only strengthen your immediate memory, but will stave off future problems and deterioration.

I've seen people suffer from Alzheimer's, and no way do I want that for myself.

Three one-of-a-kind advantages
of the Memory Optimizer
  1. Whole mind learning makes it easier for you to reap the benefits of optimizing your memory today. Vera F. Birkenbihl and Paul R. Scheele did a magnificent job!
  2. 57 tricks help build your ability to use your memory with ease and efficiency.
  3. Anti-aging and anti-Alzheimer's strategies help improve your memory today and prepare you for a razor-sharp future.


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